Ace Frehley Reveals His IQ To Prove His Above Other KISS Members

Ace Frehley

In an exclusive interview with BSP, the legendary guitarist Ace Frehley not only delved into discussions about his upcoming solo album and KISS’s 50th-anniversary milestone but also shared insights into the distinctive personal attributes that he believes set him apart. Let’s delve into the intriguing revelations that Ace Frehley made regarding his IQ and the … Read more

Steve Vai Drops David Lee Roth Retirement Bombshell


In a recent conversation on Dean Delray’s Let There Be Talk podcast, Steve Vai hinted at the diminishing likelihood of a reunion with David Lee Roth’s band, especially in light of persistent rumors surrounding Roth’s retirement. Vai delved into a past moment when the prospect of reuniting seemed plausible, recalling: “There was a period where … Read more

Justin Hawkins Thinks Sleep Token’s Success Gives Hope For Rock Music’s Future

The Darkness posted a reply video to his YouTube account titled “Now This Is F***king Cool.” In expressing his respect for Sleep Token, Justin Hawkins emphasized the importance of their contribution to the direction of rock music. The performer stated, elaborating on his affection for Sleep Token: “I love Sleep Token. I love the anonymity … Read more

Metallica’s Kirk Hammett launches new project writing and soundtracking his own horror story

kirk hammett

Metallica’s guitarist and ardent horror aficionado, Kirk Hammett, has embarked on a new and intriguing project, weaving together music and storytelling. In a unique venture, he has not only penned a fictional narrative titled “I Have to Get Rid of This Guitar I Found,” but he has also provided a soundtrack to accompany the eerie … Read more

Ozzy Osbourne will not tour again

After enduring years of persistent health challenges, it has now been unequivocally affirmed that the legendary Black Sabbath vocalist, Ozzy Osbourne, will not embark on another tour. The heavy metal icon, who had previously sparked concerns about his future on stage after undergoing additional spinal surgery last November, disclosed the chronic nature of the injury … Read more