The Story Behind “Sultans Of Swing” By Dire Straits

Dire Straits’ 1978 chart-topper, “Sultans Of Swing,” emerged as a standout track on the demo tape that served as the sonic passport for the band’s journey to securing a coveted record deal. The song’s infectious rhythm, complemented by the crisp resonance of guitars, and Mark Knopfler’s distinctive spoken vocals, introduced a unique sonic atmosphere that … Read more

10 Facts About ‘Southern Man’ By Neil Young

neil young

Neil Young unfurled the tapestry of “Southern Man” in 1970, a musical narrative he passionately contends still resonates today. Beyond its initial portrayal as a commentary on the American South, Young advocates for interpreting it as a profound reflection on the entire nation. 1. 2019 Revisit: Neil Young revisited the fabric of “Southern Man” in … Read more

Why A Led Zeppelin Record Is Almost “Unlistenable” Today


Led Zeppelin, an iconic force in the realm of rock, has enraptured audiences for generations. However, amid their widespread acclaim, a peculiar revelation has emerged: a contingent of listeners now faces a challenge in relishing their music. This intriguing disclosure unfolded during a riveting conversation on the Talk Louder Podcast, where Max Norman, a venerable … Read more

Eagles Manager Takes The Stand At Stolen Lyrics Trial

The Eagles

Renowned Eagles manager Irving Azoff took the stand in a New York City courtroom, providing pivotal testimony in a criminal trial revolving around nearly 100 pages of allegedly pilfered Eagles lyrics from the iconic “Hotel California” album. Facing charges of conspiracy in the fourth degree are three individuals: rare-books collector Glenn Horowitz, former Rock & … Read more

Billy Gibbons names his favourite Peter Green moment

Billy gibbons

In the expansive landscape of rock and roll, the roots of every guitarist inevitably lead back to the blues. Despite attempts to forge new paths and experiment beyond the traditional three chords, the blues has remained an enduring and integral force in rock and roll since its nascent days. Whether embodied in The Rolling Stones’ … Read more

The Pink Floyd album Nick Mason refused to perform on

Pink Floyd

The unspoken norm in every band is the expectation that each member contributes to the creation of their records. Although enduring the rigors of extended tours can be demanding, spending time in the studio is generally viewed as a reasonable request, even if it entails working on songs that may not align with individual preferences. … Read more

The Tom Petty song that no one had faith in

tom petty

Extended studio sessions often run the risk of songs blending into a seamless continuum, where even the most profound attempts might fade into the background compared to standout hits on the album. In Tom Petty‘s musical journey, a fascinating tale unfolds around the hit ‘Don’t Do Me Like That,’ a track that initially struggled to … Read more

Jimmy Page’s wholesome meeting with Jeff Buckley: “They actually cried”

jimmy page

Embarking on the quest for a musical soulmate is every artist’s aspiration. The intricate process of assembling the right individuals into a cohesive band is challenging, yet there’s a transformative phase where bands evolve from decent to exceptional. In the case of Jimmy Page, who had already experienced such synergy with Led Zeppelin, a new … Read more