Paul McCartney’s opinion on Neil Young

Born in 1945 in Toronto, Canada, Neil Young kicked off his musical journey at 18 in 1963. He rose to fame as part of Buffalo Springfield and later joined forces with Stephen Stills, David Crosby, and Graham Nash in a supergroup. Neil’s solo career has seen a whopping 45 studio albums by 2022, with 21 certified Gold and Platinum in the US.

Over the years, many music icons, including Paul McCartney, have praised Neil’s talent. Paul McCartney, a fellow legend from The Beatles era, admires Neil’s songwriting immensely. In a 2021 interview, McCartney named Neil as one of his favorite songwriters ever, alongside greats like Paul Simon and Bob Dylan.

Their mutual respect extends beyond words. They’ve performed together multiple times, showcasing a bond built on shared musical passion. McCartney appreciates Neil’s uncompromising style, akin to Bob Dylan’s, describing Neil as distinctively himself and a major influence on many.

Their friendship is evident in Neil Young’s role in inducting McCartney into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1999. Neil praised McCartney’s impact on him and the music world, highlighting McCartney’s bass playing and enduring legacy as a songwriter. Their connection, rooted in admiration and shared musical journeys, reflects a deep respect between the two icons of the music industry.

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