The Hidden Reason Bob Dylan Won The Nobel Prize

bob dylan

In the year 2016, the legendary singer-songwriter Bob Dylan received the prestigious Nobel Prize in Literature, an accolade bestowed upon him for “having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.” At the age of 75, amidst his hectic touring commitments, Dylan, in an unconventional move, enlisted fellow artist Patti Smith to stand … Read more

How The Beatles “Ed Sullivan” Performance Created So Many Future Rockstars


When The Ed Sullivan Show introduced The Beatles to American audiences on February 9, 1964, it was a seismic moment that reverberated through the realms of music and culture, leaving an indelible mark on over 73 million captivated viewers, constituting nearly 38% of the nation’s population at that time. Among these enraptured viewers were budding … Read more

Steven Tyler Wins Legal Battle Against Sexual Assault Allegations

Steven Tyler

In a recent legal triumph, Steven Tyler has emerged victorious in a longstanding legal battle against sexual assault allegations that had lingered for years. On February 21, U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan made a decisive ruling, dismissing a lawsuit that had accused the Aerosmith frontman of sexually assaulting a former teenage model on two occasions … Read more

The most unwelcome Led Zeppelin song


While Led Zeppelin undeniably soared to musical heights, their journey was not a seamless flight. The band found itself divided along geographical and cultural fault lines, pitting West Midlands natives Robert Plant and John Bonham against the cosmopolitan pair of Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones. The sonic expression of these divides emerged in the … Read more

‘It’s Almost Embarrassing To Hear A Led Zeppelin Record Now,’ Famous Producer Explains

John paul jones and led zeppelin

Max Norman, the accomplished producer behind numerous influential hard rock and heavy metal albums, recently shared insights on Jimmy Page‘s guitar playing during a candid conversation on the Talk Louder Podcast. Discussing the longevity of well-produced albums, Norman expressed a nuanced perspective on the saturation of Led Zeppelin’s music in the current musical landscape. Norman … Read more

Reliving 5 Songs Joe Walsh Wrote For The Eagles


When Joe Walsh became a part of the Eagles in 1975, he didn’t just bring his guitar and keyboard skills – he brought a wealth of rock experience garnered from his time with bands like James Gang and his solo ventures. His musical legacy had already solidified, and as he joined the Eagles, Walsh played … Read more

A collection of Mick Fleetwood’s favourite songs


Fleetwood Mac‘s musical treasure trove offers a plethora of tracks deserving a coveted spot on any discerning listener’s favorite songs playlist. From the ethereal soundscape of ‘Everywhere’ to the expansive journey of ‘The Chain,’ and from the poignant ‘Go Your Own Way’ to the subtly vengeful ‘Silver Springs,’ their soft rock mastery has consistently claimed … Read more

Did The Doors rip off The Kinks?

the kinks

The tumultuous 1960s bore witness to the rise of iconic rock groups, riding the wave of the 1950s rock and roll boom. The landscape of popular music underwent a radical transformation, thanks to trailblazing acts like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and The Who. Amidst the plethora of legendary rock outfits that defined the era, … Read more