David Gilmour Shares First Sound From His New Record: ‘I’m Ready’

David Gilmour recently teased fans with a glimpse into his upcoming record on X. The renowned guitarist delighted his followers with a short studio clip, showcasing his guitar skills and a snippet of new music. In the video, he pauses and confidently declares, “I’m ready.”

Fans erupted with anticipation and speculation in the comments section. Some eagerly anticipated a tour, expressing sentiments like, “I am ready too. Tour! Tour! Tour!” Another fan, longing for a US tour, voiced, “We love you Mr. Gilmour. Any notion of a US tour would be very welcome. You are #1 on my list of greatest guitarists of all time.”

Amidst the tour hopes, others speculated about a new album. One fan eagerly exclaimed, “Can’t wait to see that new album! Come on, we are ready too!”

Adding to the excitement, Polly Samson, Gilmour’s wife, has been teasing snippets of his new musical endeavor for quite some time. Over the past two years, she has shared glimpses of Gilmour and fellow musicians like Guy Pratt, Roger Eno, Adam Betts, and Tom Herbert working in the studio.

In December 2023, Samson revealed Gilmour’s collaboration with producer Charlie Andrew and session musician Steve Gadd. She confirmed the project in an interview, mentioning, “I’m working with David Gilmour on new songs. Promising, right?”

Recently, Samson teased more about the album, hinting at orchestral and choral elements at Angel Studios. Fans are eagerly awaiting news of the album’s release, especially since Gilmour’s last album was in 2015, and he hasn’t toured since then.

While details about the album’s release date remain under wraps, fans continue to eagerly anticipate David Gilmour’s next musical chapter, eagerly awaiting both album and tour announcements.

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