Robert Plant Joins Roger Daltrey Singing Who’s “Baba O’Riley”

Robert Plant

Legendary rock stars Robert Plant and Eddie Vedder collaborated with Roger Daltrey at London’s Royal Albert Hall for the Teenage Cancer Trust benefit. They rocked the stage with the Who’s classic “Baba O’Riley,” wrapping up a star-studded event that included Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Squeeze, Saving Grace with Plant, and Vedder. Even though Pete … Read more

Can Paul McCartney Sing “Imagine”?

paul mccartney and john lennon

Among the vast collection of songs left behind by The Beatles, John Lennon’s “Imagine” stands out as a huge favorite. Its meaningful words and timeless message have touched many people over the years, making it one of the most famous songs ever. But despite so many singers covering it, one big name has never given … Read more

The Last Days Of Glenn Frey

HLN’s upcoming episode of “How It Really Happened with Hill Harper” focuses on the life and tragic passing of Detroit-born Glenn Frey, a founding Eagles member. The loss of Frey deeply affected many, including those closest to him. Titled “The Last Days of Glenn Frey: Heartache Tonight,” the episode delves into Frey’s musical journey, career … Read more

How A Song Made Graham Nash Quit The Hollies

graham nash

Graham Nash‘s journey reflects the common challenge bands face: balancing individual creativity with teamwork. His time with The Hollies and later Crosby, Stills, and Nash showcases this struggle and his pursuit of creative freedom. “Marrakesh Express” was the turning point that sparked Nash’s artistic evolution and reshaped his career. Background in Music Before becoming a … Read more

How Jon Bon Jovi Finally Realized His Voice Is Broken

bon jovi

Jon Bon Jovi, frontman of the iconic rock band Bon Jovi, recently opened up about a personal and professional crisis: his battle with vocal issues, and the indispensable role his wife, Dorothea Hurley, played in his journey towards recovery. Known for his powerful voice and energetic performances, Jon faced a daunting challenge that threatened the … Read more

Why Phil Collins Really Quit Genesis

phil collins current health condition

The news in 1995 that Phil Collins was leaving Genesis, the band that had soared to fame with him as a key member, surprised their fans. The band announced Collins was excited to put more energy into his solo career, but that explanation only scratched the surface. Thanks to Phil Collins’ words in interviews, we … Read more

Was Jim Morrison An Overrated Icon?

jim morrison

Jim Morrison, the mysterious and captivating leader of The Doors, has always sparked a lot of interest and debate in the world of rock music. Fans and experts alike keep discussing his true impact, wondering if he deserves his legendary status in rock. This article sets out to deeply explore Jim Morrison’s rich legacy, looking … Read more