Mike Shinoda Says Chester Bennington Wasn’t Like What People Thought

In a recent chat with Revolver, Mike Shinoda delved into the early days of Chester Bennington and the journey of Linkin Park’s evolution.

Shinoda vividly recalled the humble beginnings of the band when they were known as Xero. They started creating music and gradually expanded their lineup with new members. It was during this formative period that they crossed paths with Chester Bennington. Reflecting on those times, Shinoda described Chester as a raw talent, quite different from the iconic voice he’s celebrated as today. He reminisced about Chester’s unassuming stature, simple attire, and the fact that his voice hadn’t yet developed into the powerhouse that later defined Linkin Park’s signature sound.

The collaborative effort between Shinoda and Bennington was pivotal in crafting Linkin Park’s distinctive identity. They spent countless hours refining their sound, often experimenting and learning from both successes and failures. Shinoda admitted that initially, he didn’t fully grasp the depth of Chester’s vocal abilities. However, as they continued to work together, he began to recognize the extraordinary talent that Chester possessed.

Shinoda’s support and encouragement played a significant role in helping Chester find his unique voice within the band’s music. In an earlier interview with Splice, Shinoda expressed how he initially underestimated Chester’s singing prowess but later came to appreciate his remarkable talent. They collaborated closely to ensure that Chester’s vocals resonated authentically in each song, moving away from imitating other artists and focusing on showcasing Chester’s own distinct style.

Throughout their musical journey, Shinoda consistently praised Chester’s vocal range and versatility. He highlighted the evolution they underwent in the late ’90s, experimenting with new songs to discover Chester’s true singing style. Over time, Chester stopped emulating others and embraced his individuality, ultimately becoming the iconic voice that fans worldwide adore.

The bond between Shinoda and Bennington was not just about creating music but also about mutual growth and artistic exploration. Their collaborative efforts shaped Linkin Park into a powerhouse of alternative rock, with Chester’s vocals standing as a testament to his incredible talent and the enduring legacy of the band.

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