Heart Could Be A Led Zeppelin Cover Band Or A Comedy Routine Band, Nancy Wilson Says

In a recent chat with Billboard, Nancy Wilson opened up about Heart’s incredible versatility. She described how the band could easily switch gears, transforming into a Led Zeppelin cover group or even a comedy act if they felt like it:

“What really excites me about Heart, what I truly miss, is our musical flexibility within the band. We could rock out like Led Zeppelin or crack jokes like a comedy troupe. We could nail some fantastic covers, but this time around, it’s all about us.”

Her sister Ann, also a bandmate, chimed in:

“We’re aiming for authenticity. The goal is to venture into new territories… to present a set of Heart’s music spanning different phases of our journey.”

Heart is gearing up for their first tour in five years, with hopes of creating new tunes along the way.

While there are no concrete plans yet, they’ve got a fresh track in the pipeline titled ‘Roll the Dice,’ co-written with longtime collaborator Sue Ennis. Ann mentioned it’s still a work in progress, sparked by Nancy and Ennis getting together “just to jam out some ideas.”

As for ‘Roll the Dice,’ its future beyond live shows remains uncertain. Nancy hinted at diving into the band’s archives, unearthing gems from their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame era. Perhaps Heart will bless us with those hidden treasures too.

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