Jimmy Page names the most technically gifted rock singer

Jimmy Page has collaborated with a wide array of musicians throughout his career. After a tour well before Led Zeppelin’s time, he had a memorable incident in Sheffield that paused his aspirations of being in a touring rock band. This led him to become a session guitarist, where he honed various playing styles and worked with many different groups.

Among the artists he teamed up with were The Yardbirds, forming a strong bond with them and even joining the band at one point. He nearly filled in for Pete Townshend during The Who’s debut single recording, ‘I Can’t Explain.’

Eventually, Led Zeppelin formed, and Page teamed up with Robert Plant. Plant’s remarkable vocal range perfectly complemented Page’s diverse musical styles, resulting in the distinctive sound of Led Zeppelin that drew from global influences.

Page has acknowledged Plant’s technical prowess but also praised Paul Rodgers as the most technically gifted singer he ever worked with. The duo, along with Chris Slade and Tony Franklin, formed The Firm in ’84, achieving success with hit singles. Page admired Rodgers for his flawless singing and ability to infuse emotion into his vocals, especially in ballads.

Many share Page’s admiration for Rodgers, noting his exceptional vocal talents showcased in bands like Free, Bad Company, and The Firm. Despite The Firm’s successes, it’s regrettable they didn’t collaborate more extensively, given Rodgers’ remarkable abilities.

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