Jimmy Page’s favourite guitarists of all time

Jimmy Page, the iconic guitarist from Led Zeppelin, is a true authority when recognizing exceptional guitarists. When he acknowledges someone as a top-tier guitarist, you know they’ve got something special. Let’s delve into some of the guitarists whom Page considers among the best, along with a playlist of his favorites.

The Emergence of the Guitar

In the past, brass instruments like trumpets and saxophones dominated the music scene. However, with the advent of rock and roll, the guitar quickly became the show’s star. While jazz musicians pushed the boundaries with their brass skills, the guitar’s dominance began with the rise of rock and roll.

While the 1950s laid the groundwork for guitar greatness, it was the 1960s that truly revolutionized guitar playing. As rock music evolved, so did the role of the guitar. Musicians everywhere embraced the instrument, experimenting with its sound and pushing its limits. Jimmy Page, known for his exceptional skills as a session musician and his unwavering dedication to the guitar, played a pivotal role in this musical transformation.

Thanks to a wave of innovative guitarists inspired by the blues, guitar playing reached new heights. But with so many talented players, who did Page consider the greatest of all time?

Page’s Guitar Heroes

In a 1975 interview with Rolling Stone, Page reflected on the guitarists who inspired him. He also looked back on the vibrant music scene in London during the 1960s, where he refined his craft as a session musician. Among his favorite players were Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Alvin Lee, Pete Townshend, and himself—each still actively contributing to the world of music and pushing the boundaries of guitar playing.

Despite any differences or criticisms, Page acknowledged the talent and contributions of each guitarist. He particularly praised Jimi Hendrix as the ultimate guitar virtuoso, along with other notable players like Clarence White, Amos Garrett, and Elliot Randall.

Page’s Perspective on ‘Genius’

While recognizing the brilliance of these guitar legends, Page approached the term ‘genius’ with caution. He believed that rock and roll still had room to grow compared to classical music. He admired classical musicians for their intricate melodic structures and their ability to embody the term ‘genius.’

Jimmy Page’s insights into guitar greatness offer a captivating glimpse into the world of rock icons and their musical genius. Whether it’s Jimi Hendrix’s groundbreaking style or the artistry of other guitar legends, Page’s list celebrates the diverse talents that have shaped rock history.

Jimmy Page’s favorite guitarists:

Jimi Hendrix
Jeff Beck
Eric Clapton
Alvin Lee
Pete Townshend
Amos Garrett
Elliot Randall
Clarence White

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