The problem of modern Rock bands according to Bob Dylan

Rock and Roll has changed a lot over the years, and some people think it’s lost its essence. They say it doesn’t have the same vibe as it did in the past, and there aren’t as many famous bands in this genre anymore. Bob Dylan, a famous musician, talked about this during a speech in 2015 when he was honored as Person of The Year by MusiCares.

According to Bob Dylan, Modern Rock bands have a problem with rhythm. He believes that traditional rock ‘n’ roll is all about rhythm, and he quoted Johnny Cash who said, “Get rhythm. Get rhythm when you get the blues.” Dylan thinks that many rock bands today don’t understand or play with rhythm like they should. He explained that rock ‘n’ roll is a mix of blues, which is a type of American music influenced by Arabic violins and Strauss waltzes. The other part of rock ‘n’ roll, according to Dylan, is hillbilly music, which includes artists like the Delmore Bros., Stanley Bros., Roscoe Holcomb, and Clarence Ashley. This combination of blues and hillbilly music, with themes like moonshiners and fast cars on dirt roads, is what makes rock ‘n’ roll special, according to Dylan.

Dylan emphasized the importance of having the right rhythm to play this kind of music. He said that if you can’t play the blues well, it’s hard to incorporate those other elements into your music authentically. While some musicians may try to fake it, Dylan believes that real rock ‘n’ roll can’t be manufactured in a studio.

Bob Dylan is known for writing over 600 songs and being one of the most successful songwriters in history. His impact on music is immense, with many artists covering his songs and achieving great success. Dylan has released 40 studio albums, with his latest one, “Rough and Rowdy Ways,” coming out in 2020.

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