Dee Snider On Why He Didn’t Like Eddie Van Halen: ‘He Acted Like A D-ck To Me’

Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider recently shared why he wasn’t a big fan of Eddie Van Halen.

A user on X talked about musicians having issues with Eddie in a video and tagged Snider. The tweet said that not everyone, like Randy Rhoads or Snider, had problems with Eddie, contrary to what the video suggested.

Snider responded, saying he did have a negative experience with Eddie once when he was drunk and acting rude, but it wasn’t something he held against him. He mentioned that you don’t have to like an artist personally to appreciate their art.

This wasn’t the first time Snider talked about Eddie. In 2015, he spoke to Ultimate Classic Rock, supporting Sammy Hagar in his disagreements with Eddie. Snider praised Hagar for being talented, fearless, and straightforward. He also criticized Eddie’s behavior, citing an incident where Eddie jammed with a Mexican band with his boots in a terrible state.

Snider had also mentioned earlier that he didn’t see Van Halen as the savior of rock and roll, pointing out that bands like Aerosmith and KISS were already making waves when Van Halen entered the scene.

You can find Snider’s recent tweet below.

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