Sammy Hagar Thinks David Lee Roth Is Jealous

In an exclusive interview with People Magazine, Sammy Hagar peeled back the layers of tension simmering between David Lee Roth (DLR) and Wolfgang Van Halen, offering his unique insights into the brewing conflict. The conversation unfolded against the backdrop of anticipation for the MusiCares’ Person of the Year event, honoring Jon Bon Jovi, slated at the illustrious Los Angeles Convention Center.

Delving into Roth’s Public Outbursts Regarding Wolfgang
Hagar subtly hinted at an undercurrent of envy, suggesting,

“You know, if you really dissect what he’s saying, it’s like, is there a hint of jealousy there or something? Does he feel sidelined or left out? Honestly, the only thing I can say without being too harsh is perhaps he should explore a different dispensary. That one doesn’t seem to be doing the trick for him.”

The feud first emerged into the public sphere via a viral YouTube video titled ‘This Crazy Kid..,’ where Roth aired grievances about Wolfgang allegedly clamoring for more spotlight during their performances. Roth’s exasperation was palpable as he recounted instances where he felt Wolfgang disrupted the tour dynamics by airing grievances to various crew members. In the video, Roth exclaimed,

“This damn kid, he’s griping the entire tour like I’m not giving him enough attention onstage. It’s like Santa Claus sliding down the chimney on Christmas and no one’s even looking. Peace out to the noggin, amigo. I’m giving it my all in front of twenty, thirty thousand folks at a pop, and he’s whining to everyone around me — the bean counter, the muscle, the wardrobe gal — ‘Dave’s not doting on me enough.'”

Roth Felt Betrayed by Wolfgang’s Actions

The tension between Roth and Wolfgang came to a head during a show at Jones Beach, New York, where Roth felt betrayed by Wolfgang’s actions. Roth recounted an incident where Wolfgang instructed security to eject two female guests Roth had invited, further deepening the chasm between them.

Moreover, Roth reminisced about their final concert together at the Hollywood Bowl, marred by yet another clash involving Wolfgang. According to Roth, Wolfgang’s decision to have security escort a woman from backstage someone who happened to be Roth’s guest and the crew’s bookkeeper fueled the already strained situation.

The ongoing feud between David Lee Roth and Wolfgang Van Halen casts a revealing spotlight on the intricate dynamics of the music industry and the interpersonal relationships within bands. This clash of personalities underscores the challenges that arise when egos clash and differing viewpoints collide. As fans eagerly await further developments in the unfolding drama, they hold onto hope for a resolution that preserves the band’s legacy while allowing each member to chart their path forward positively.

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