Ace Frehley Reveals His IQ To Prove His Above Other KISS Members

In an exclusive interview with BSP, the legendary guitarist Ace Frehley not only delved into discussions about his upcoming solo album and KISS’s 50th-anniversary milestone but also shared insights into the distinctive personal attributes that he believes set him apart. Let’s delve into the intriguing revelations that Ace Frehley made regarding his IQ and the unique features of his palm lines.

Amidst discussions about the correlation between the release date of his forthcoming solo record and KISS’s 50th debut anniversary, Frehley shifted the conversation toward his traits. He disclosed a distinctive feature in his palms, humorously referring to it as “semen palms.” Elaborating further, he pointed out a line that traverses straight across both palms, a characteristic he shares with notable figures such as Tony Blair. Frehley playfully noted the rarity of this feature, highlighting that approximately 90% of people exhibit a different type of line on their hands.

“I have semen palms. Do you know what that is? If you look at my palms, you see I have a line that goes straight across on both palms. If you look at your palms, there are probably two lines that split. 90% of the people on the planet have that kind of line on their hands, but this is a trait that not that many people have. I mean, Tony Blair has them. He used to be the Prime Minister of England. I think a lot of celebrities have it.”

Frehley Boldly Claims an IQ of 163:

Continuing the dialogue, Frehley boldly asserted possession of an IQ of 163, suggesting a higher level of intelligence or uniqueness. He attributed his belief in being special to his musical journey, shaped by his upbringing in a musically inclined family. Surrounded by the musical talents of his parents, brother, and sister during his formative years, he absorbed music “by osmosis.” Notably, Ace proudly stated that he never took a guitar lesson, relying on his family’s musical ambiance to cultivate his musical skills.

It’s supposed to mean you have maybe a little higher intelligence or you’re more of a special person. I’ve always felt I was special. I have a 163 IQ, and I never took a guitar lesson, but what helped me with music was I grew up in a musical family. My mother and father played piano. My brother and sister played piano and acoustic guitar; I was the youngest of three children. So I just kind of got it by osmosis.

Past Remarks on Intelligence:

This isn’t the first time Frehley has spoken about his intelligence. In a 2020 interview with Classic Rock, he compared his IQ to that of his former bandmate Paul Stanley, asserting that his IQ was higher. Playfully addressing his past mistakes, he attributed them to addiction issues. Frehley even mentioned an IQ test taken by KISS members, where he found himself at the top, humorously crediting good genes for his brain functioning well that morning.

“You might ask why I’ve done so many stupid things. That’s where addiction comes in. KISS once took an IQ test, and I was on top. I guess my brain was working well that morning. Thank God for good genes.”

Despite the light-hearted remarks about his IQ, Frehley acknowledged the diverse skill sets within KISS. He specifically highlighted Gene Simmons’ business acumen and admitted to not being a great businessman himself. Instead, he emphasized his creative orientation, underscoring the unique contributions each member brought to the iconic rock band.

In Ace Frehley’s world, intelligence and creativity intertwine, creating a narrative of a self-taught musical genius who, despite his past struggles, continues to shine in the realm of rock music. As he gears up for his new solo album and celebrates the enduring legacy of KISS, Frehley’s revelations about his IQ and unique palm lines add an intriguing layer to the story of a rock legend.

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