The classic Motörhead song Lemmy said was “not even good”

Lemmy, the rock legend, lived and breathed music from the moment he hit the stage. Whether with Hawkwind or Motörhead, he shaped heavy metal and hard rock with his distinctive gravelly voice and high-held microphone. Despite the acclaim for albums like “Ace of Spades,” Lemmy confessed that much of the material wasn’t as good as people thought, sparking curiosity about which Motörhead song he deemed lacking.

Motörhead’s journey began with Lemmy transitioning from Hawkwind, a psychedelic band where he was the lead songwriter. After a drug-related exit, he formed Motörhead, fusing psychedelia with the rock and roll that defined him.

Solidifying the lineup with Phil Taylor on drums and ‘Fast’ Eddie Clarke on guitar, Lemmy steered Motörhead into the late 1970s, showcasing innovation with albums like “Overkill.” The 1980s brought iconic status with “Ace of Spades,” embodying a life of freedom.

Despite Lemmy’s love for their music, he avoided revisiting old tracks. Dissatisfied with many classic albums, he called them primitive and poorly executed. Yet, each new record marked Motörhead’s commitment to evolving.

In the 2000s, Motörhead explored punk with “We Are Motörhead” and embraced bluesier tones. While “Ace of Spades” remained a staple, Lemmy never criticized his material. The primitive recordings transformed from youthful cries to seasoned anthems, showcasing a rock veteran’s unwavering artistic integrity.

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