Metallica’s Kirk Hammett launches new project writing and soundtracking his own horror story

Metallica’s guitarist and ardent horror aficionado, Kirk Hammett, has embarked on a new and intriguing project, weaving together music and storytelling. In a unique venture, he has not only penned a fictional narrative titled “I Have to Get Rid of This Guitar I Found,” but he has also provided a soundtrack to accompany the eerie tale.

On September 11, Hammett shared a link to a TikTok video on his social media, combining visuals of a winding road with moody acoustic guitar fingerpicking. Simultaneously, he directed fans to his Kirk Hammett Horrors Reddit page, where he unveiled the first chapter of his spine-chilling story, titled “Crossroad Magic Blues.”

The recording serves as a complementary loop to be played while delving into the narrative. The introductory chapter features a message from a character named Abigail Forte, revealing the discovery of a journal and a cassette containing “very unusual field recordings” left by her missing brother, William “Wills” Forte. Sensing an ominous energy in the recordings, Abigail sought the expertise of guitarist Kirk Hammett to interpret the music.

Hammett agreed to transpose the less intricate portions of the cassette while preserving the integrity of the original field recordings. These renditions, suggested to be played or looped alongside the reading of each story segment, aim to create an immersive atmosphere for the journal entries.

Abigail Forte issues a cautionary note, advising listeners to take protective measures such as burning sage, reciting prayers, or drawing protective sigils before engaging with the recordings. The sounds encapsulate phrases and motifs inspired by the cursed melodies recorded on the mysterious cassette.

Kirk Hammett’s fascination with horror has been a longstanding passion, evidenced by his 2012 book, “Too Much Horror Business,” showcasing his extensive collection of horror memorabilia. The book delves into conversations with Hammett about his love for the genre and its intersection with his work in Metallica.

A notable figure in the horror community, Hammett moderated a panel at the Midsummer Scream horror convention earlier this year. He has also hosted two editions of his horror festival, Kirk Von Hammett’s Fear FestEvil, and released his debut solo EP, ‘Portals,’ in April, influenced in part by horror movies and the work of The Thing’s composer, Ennio Morricone. Hammett’s multidimensional foray into storytelling and music continues to captivate fans, merging his two artistic passions in a truly distinctive manner.

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