Justin Hawkins Thinks Sleep Token’s Success Gives Hope For Rock Music’s Future

The Darkness posted a reply video to his YouTube account titled “Now This Is F***king Cool.” In expressing his respect for Sleep Token, Justin Hawkins emphasized the importance of their contribution to the direction of rock music.

The performer stated, elaborating on his affection for Sleep Token:

“I love Sleep Token. I love the anonymity of it. I love the way it’s challenging. There’re so many dynamics being explored in it. It’s really accomplished, not just harmonically rich, but dynamically rich as well. You don’t see that very often.”

Mass Appeal And Progressive Rock

Hawkins continued to laud Sleep Token’s appeal among avid rock music fans, saying:

“What’s really encouraging about it is that it’s being devoured by the masses. And when I say the masses, I mean people who actually care about guitar music. It warms the cockles to recognize that the average, everyday rock listener is prepared to get into something like that. That’s not easy stuff to do. That’s progressive in the best way.”

A Music Enthusiast’s Perspective

Speaking both as a musician and a music lover, the frontman found the band’s success to be motivating, pointing out:

“So to see something like that being successful… It just gives you hope. Not for me as an artist; I mean me as a music enthusiast. It’s awesome to recognize that stuff you need [good] taste to appreciate is being appreciated by a lot of people. I think that means that people are starting to understand music in a different way. It’s really cool.”

Amy Lee’s Admiration For Sleep Token

The vocalist of Evanescence, Amy Lee, also stated her respect for Sleep Token, in line with Hawkins’ opinions. In an interview with Revolver from December 2023, Lee discussed the band’s adaptability and inventiveness, saying:

“I love Sleep Token. I’m blown away. How do they do it? How do they go so many different directions and call it one song?”

Sleep Token gained notoriety for hiding their identities during concerts by donning masks since their founding in 2016. Fans and other musicians have expressed curiosity and admiration for this enigmatic approach. Lee is a big fan of this look. She feels it’s crucial for today’s music environment since it returns the attention to the music rather than other things. She thinks their strategy is smart and inventive.

The entire Hawkins video is available here.



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