Keith Richards Reveals Mick Jagger Tried To Steal A Song From Him

Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards appears in a new exclusive interview with Guitar Player. The rocker disclosed the one tune that bandmate Mick Jagger attempted to take from him while talking about the group’s upcoming album, “Hackney Diamonds.”

Richards Got Different Comments About His Voice in the Album

It seems that not only did Richards sing better on the most recent CD, but those in his immediate vicinity also noticed. Speaking about their song “Tell Me Straight” from the recently released album, the rock star revealed the criticism he received for his voice:

“People have been telling me I sound stronger after I stopped smoking cigarettes in 2019. When we went out on the road a couple years ago, the sound guys started making comments. They were like, ‘Man, your voice… what’s happening?’ Since then, singing has felt different, and I’m enjoying it more.”

Why Did Mick Jagger Try To Steal ‘Tell Me Straight’?

Regarding the song’s topic, the interviewer mentioned that it had a philosophical feel to it that was “part mythic, part hardcore truth.” Richards clearly said that was how he intended it to sound. After the chat, he disclosed that Jagger attempted to steal the music for the following reasons:

“Oh, cool. It came kind of like that. Once it was on the roller, these chords appeared and then the rest of it seemed to fall into place around it. I knew it was getting pretty good because Mick tried to steal it! I had to say, ‘Uh-uh buddy. I’m doin’ this one.’”

Hackney Diamonds Stadium Tour

Returning to the tour in support of their 26th album, the Rolling Stones The tour is being sponsored by AARP, popularly known as the American Association of Retired People, and is set to begin on April 28, 2024, in Houston. The band will play songs from their new album together with previous favorites at 16 locations touring the United States and Canada.



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