Freddie Mercury’s favourite Led Zeppelin song: “I would say that Led Zeppelin are the greatest”

The enigmatic Freddie Mercury, the charismatic frontman of Queen, left an indelible mark on the world of rock ‘n’ roll, becoming an archetype that remains unparalleled. Despite numerous attempts to emulate Mercury’s showmanship, he stands as irreplaceable. Yet, in a hypothetical scenario, if given the chance, Mercury would have readily traded places with Robert Plant to front Led Zeppelin for a single night.

Distinct in their musical styles, Queen and Led Zeppelin held a mutual admiration. Brian May, Queen’s guitarist, disclosed that Led Zeppelin served as a profound source of inspiration for their iconic track ‘Now I’m Here,’ drawing influence from the fellow rockers’ ‘Black Dog.’ However, May emphasized that the impact of Led Zeppelin on Queen extended beyond musical realms.

May reflected on Zeppelin’s influence, stating, “I would never be ashamed to say that Zeppelin was a huge influence on us, not just musically, but also in the way they handled themselves in the business, without compromising.” He acknowledged Zeppelin’s influence on various aspects, including their image, integrity, and stage show. May positioned Zeppelin, along with The Beatles and The Who, as the foundational platforms from which Queen drew inspiration.

Freddie Mercury and Brian May shared a common passion for Led Zeppelin, with Mercury expressing unabashed admiration. Describing Led Zeppelin as the greatest rock band, he specifically lauded Robert Plant as “one of the most original vocalists of our time.” Mercury’s reciprocal sentiments were echoed by Plant, who acknowledged Mercury’s unique ability to project confidence as a true performer.

Even after Mercury’s passing, the connection between Queen and Led Zeppelin endured. The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert at Wembley Stadium featured a poignant moment with Plant joining Queen to perform ‘Innuendo.’ Notably, incorporating Mercury’s favorite Led Zeppelin track, ‘Kashmir,’ into the performance added a layer of emotional resonance to the iconic event.

Mercury’s appreciation for ‘Kashmir’ as Led Zeppelin’s pinnacle resonates with Plant, who, in 2018, highlighted the song’s achievement in combining a dramatically intense musical piece with an ambiguous lyric and a subtly delivered vocal. Plant’s acknowledgment mirrored Mercury’s sentiment, reinforcing the enduring impact of Led Zeppelin’s masterpiece on the rock landscape.

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