Mick Jagger And Keith Richards Are Not The Real Force Behind Rolling Stones’ Success, Steven Van Zandt Explains

Beyond Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, Steven Van Zandt talked about the unsung heroes who contributed to the Rolling Stones’ success in a recent article on X.

On the platform, someone posted a photo of Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts and commented, saying:

“The original rhythm section ⁦of the Rolling Stones, Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman.”

In response to a question about Watts and Wyman’s significance to the band, the E Street Band member shared this tweet and stated:

“These guys (and the songwriting on the first 12 albums) are why they’re still selling out stadiums 60 years later.”

Fan Reactions And Song Examples

It seems that the supporters agreed with Van Zandt in the comment area. As an example, they provided a few songs from the Stones collection, as one of them wrote:

“‘Live By The Sword’ on the new album is a reminder of how underappreciated (casually) Wyman’s bass was to Stones’ signature wobble. [I] could listen to that rhythm section while sitting on hot coals and still enjoy it.”

Speaking of another Stones song, another person stated:

“The bass and drums on ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’ get me every time.”

The remark that followed mentioned Wyman by name, pointing out:

“No offense to Darryl Jones, who is a fantastic player, but it just doesn’t sound like the Stones without Wyman. Such a unique player.”

A Look At Wyman’s Return For ‘Hackney Diamonds’

Little Steven had already discussed Wyman’s brief comeback to the Stones for “Hackney Diamonds” on X, opening up about his significance to the band’s style. When the guitarist learned of Wyman’s passing, he wrote the following:

“Bill Wyman is the most underrated bass player in rock history and was a huge, essential part of the totally unique sound of the early Rolling Stones.”

Wyman appeared on 19 albums until leaving the band in 1993, whereas Watts participated in every Rolling Stones album until he died in 2021.

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