How Jimmy Page Avoided Being Murdered

Jimmy Page, the legendary guitarist and founder of the iconic band Led Zeppelin, boasts a career adorned with electrifying performances and musical genius. Beyond the spotlight, however, Page has encountered numerous perils while captivating audiences on stage. One noteworthy incident involves an attempted murder during a live show in 1995. This article delves into the intricacies of this harrowing event and explores other instances where Jimmy Page narrowly evaded danger throughout his illustrious career.

Surviving a Brush with Death

In 1995, amidst a tour with Led Zeppelin bandmate Robert Plant for their No Quarter project, Jimmy Page faced a chilling encounter with mortality. At a concert in Auburn Hills, Michigan, a person critical of the band’s music as satanic attempted to take Page’s life. Managing to breach the backstage area, the assailant made a desperate rush towards the guitarist with the intent to harm. Fortunately, the swift response of security, tour crew members, and vigilant fans prevented the attacker from reaching Page, averting any potential harm.

According to reports from the Tampa Bay Times, authorities later disclosed that the assailant sought to “off Jimmy Page.” Despite the alarming nature of the incident, the likelihood of mortal danger to Page was minimal. Security measures were poised to intercept the assailant before reaching the stage, and the pocket knife wielded by the attacker would have inflicted non-fatal wounds unless precisely aimed.

Led Zeppelin’s Hazardous Concerts

The 1995 attempted murder was not the sole perilous encounter in Jimmy Page’s Led Zeppelin journey. In the 1970s, the band confronted numerous risky concerts that tested their resilience and safety.

One infamous incident unfolded in Boston in 1975, where fans’ unruly behavior escalated into a riot before Led Zeppelin even hit the stage. This resulted in a five-year ban imposed by the city’s mayor, effectively barring the band from performing in Boston. Regrettably, the ban became permanent as Led Zeppelin disbanded before its expiration.

Chaos in Italy

In 1971, chaos erupted during a Led Zeppelin concert in Italy. Riot police had to intervene, firing tear gas to disperse the tumultuous crowd, prompting the band’s hasty exit from the stage. The Italian concert abruptly concluded, lasting less than an hour.

Other instances of fan unrest transpired in Pittsburgh in 1973, with individuals breaking through fences to gain entry to the show while police resorted to using fire hoses on the crowd. Furthermore, a 1977 concert in Tampa was curtailed due to adverse weather conditions, resulting in fan riots.

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