The Story Behind “Try And Love Again” By Eagles

Navigating through heartbreak is a profound emotional challenge that often clouds our judgment and allows our deepest fears to surface. It becomes crucial to remind ourselves periodically that life persists even in the aftermath of a devastating loss in love.

Gratefully, the Eagles offer solace through their poignant song “Try and Love Again.”

This musical piece transcends mere catchiness; it emanates a potent, uplifting energy capable of healing fractured hearts and offering a renewed outlook on life. Taking a moment to absorb this classic track from the Hotel California album might grant us not only comfort but also a fresh perspective on our resilience.

To truly grasp the song’s profound significance, let’s delve into its lyrics, unraveling the shared experience of embarking on the quest for love once more.

Unveiling Hotel California’s Hidden Jewel

Nestled towards the end of the iconic Hotel California is a hidden gem, the final song penned by the late Eagles bassist Randy Meisner during his tenure with the Southern Californian rockers. While now considered an undiscovered treasure, in 1976, critics lauded it as the album’s standout track.

“Try And Love Again” outshines Meisner’s signature piece, the concert favorite “Take It To The Limit,” reflecting Randy’s distinctive artistic style. Despite its lesser popularity, the latter soared due to its renowned vocal prowess.

The song’s credit belongs solely to Randy, with no mention of Don Henley or Glenn Frey in the conversation. Its lyrics, brimming with hope, purity, and tenderness, distinguish it as a manifestation of Randy’s musical identity.

Though possessing all the elements of a potential hit, the song took an unconventional path, avoiding the omnipresent airwaves—unlike its titular track. In retrospect, this deviation may have been fortuitous, preserving the song’s authenticity and preventing overexposure, allowing its sincere emotional appeal to endure.

A Melodic Journey of Rediscovery

As a rare solo composition in the Eagles’ repertoire, “Try And Love Again” sees Meisner taking the lead. He initiates the song with a poignant metaphor, underscoring the sense of being lost and alone without love.

With profound meaning, Meisner sings, “Like a circle goes around / You were lost until you found out / What it all comes down to.”

As Meisner rediscovers love, the chorus marks a pivotal moment in his emotional odyssey. The lyrics, “She was dancing right in time / And the moves she made so fine,” encapsulate the invigorating spirit of a newfound love.

Meisner grapples with the decision of whether to persist in the relationship or let it fade, recognizing that the potential for a fresh start exists. The lingering question remains: Can a second chance at love thrive this time?

Embracing an Irresistible Force

Interestingly, the song refrains from providing a definitive answer to this question. In the end, Meisner succumbs to the alluring allure of love, perhaps realizing that resisting its charms is futile.

After all, attempting to resist such a powerful and overwhelming force is futile; once love begins to seep in, it becomes unstoppable.

The song intricately explores the uncertainties accompanying the pursuit of new beginnings in matters of the heart, portraying a poignant tableau of the intricate dance between love and decision-making.

Meisner’s introspective journey, coupled with the Eagles’ melodious musical tapestry, gives rise to a timeless song that encourages listeners to contemplate the ebb and flow of love woven into the fabric of the human experience.

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