Who wrote ‘Something’ by The Beatles?

Considered one of The Beatles’ best love songs, ‘Something’ has earned admiration from various artists, including legends like Frank Sinatra. In 1968, George Harrison, emerging as a songwriter, introduced ‘Something’ to the band. Originally meant to be given away, the song found its place on The Beatles’ record after a few attempts at recording.

Likely dedicated to Harrison’s wife, Pattie Boyd, the song’s descending chords and poignant lyrics contribute to its charm. The guitar solo, influenced by Indian music, showcases Harrison’s skill. Released in October 1969, ‘Something’ became the first George Harrison-penned Beatles single, marking one of their last hits before the breakup.

Abbey Road, released on September 26th, 1969, features ‘Something’ as the second track. The album, breaking norms by coming out before its lead single, topped charts worldwide. Aside from ‘Something,’ the album includes another Harrison gem, ‘Here Comes the Sun,’ the first Beatles song to surpass one billion plays on Spotify.

Beyond Abbey Road, Harrison’s songwriting prowess is evident throughout The Beatles’ catalog. From ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ on ‘The White Album’ to ‘Taxman’ on Revolver and ‘If I Needed Someone’ on Rubber Soul, Harrison contributed significantly to the band’s musical legacy.

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