Ted Nugent’s Wife Shemane ‘Exposes’ UFOs Flying Around The USA

Shemane Nugent claimed to have seen helicopters pursuing what looked to be a UFO in the night sky above Central Texas in a recent Instagram video. She put the following beneath the neighbor’s video:

“Did anyone see or hear anything unusual last night? We did! Here is a video our neighbor took of 3 low-flying helicopters in a circular pattern, chasing some type of bright white light or orb.”

Mentioning other witnesses of the incident, Ted Nugent’s wife of 35 years went on:

“A friend said when she was driving, she saw the bright light, and it almost blinded her. Interestingly, Flight Aware, which is an app that displays the tail numbers of helicopters and planes, showed that there was nothing in the sky at this time. What do you think it is? Have you been seeing and hearing strange things at night, as well?”

Speculations Over The Incident

Shemane’s post’s comment section evolved into a discussion forum. Numerous followers offered their opinions. Some said they had witnessed something similar, while others speculated that it may have been a regular military drill at Fort Hood.

One commenter conjectured on a completely other possibility, saying:

“The chemtrail planes are now no longer showing on flight tracker apps either. They know we’re getting wise to them. Write your governors and Congresspeople. They are spraying us like bugs, trying to poison our air and soil, which poisons our food! All of the chemicals and paying the pilots I’m renting the planes are at taxpayers’ expense!”

Nugent’s Concerns About The Poison In The Air

Shemane herself asserted that illnesses were being caused by someone contaminating the water and air. In December, she posted on Instagram, listing a number of symptoms:

“Something is in the air, and it’s not good. Can you feel it? I don’t know what the endgame is, but it’s clear that they are putting chemicals in our air, food, and water. Many people have complained of skin rashes, headaches, dizziness, insomnia, and memory loss. Curiously, have you felt any of that?”

The ‘Killer House’ director expressed concerns and offered some health tips:

“Do everything you can to boost your immune system. Try to eat organic, healthy food. Drink clean water (Sentry H20 code healthy10), exercise, and pray. Protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation with sperogear.com. Code: faith. For clean grass-fed beef, go to switchtoamericawithshemane.com.”

You can check out Shemane Nugent’s recent post here.



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