Ted Nugent Breaks Silence On Epstein Case And Trump

In the middle of the continuing scandal surrounding the Jeffrey Epstein case, Ted Nugent recently commented on Instagram in favor of Donald Trump, drawing criticism from certain followers. The singer’s tweet was typed on an image of Epstein and said:

“Fact: Trump should get your vote just for his war on pedophiles and sex trafficking rings alone. Not one name on the Epstein flight logs has endorsed Trump. But every single one has endorsed [Joe] Biden.”

Criticized For Lying About The Presidential Runner

Despite Nugent’s remarks, Donald Trump and other leaders from both parties were listed in the most recent batch of names related to the Epstein case. Consequently, a user took issue with the artist’s message and wrote:

“Wasn’t Trump on the logs? I am a Trump supporter, but at least get s**t correct.”

Another person remarked:

“Trump was boys with Epstein. Simple Google search is all you need to see that. Stop falling for the red team vs blue team scam.”

Claims About His Relationship With Underage Girls Resurfaced

Social media discussions also drew attention to prior accusations made against Ted Nugent. The singer acknowledged dating 17-year-old Pele Massa in 1978, but over time, a few women accused him of having sex with them when they were still young.

toward the allegations made against Nugent and his contentious 1981 song “Jailbait,” a social media user offered the following analysis of his position toward the Epstein case:

“The irony that Ted Nugent, who sang a song about having sex with a 13-year-old and has admitted to sleeping with underage girls, would start calling out people for doing exactly the same thing.”


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