Stevie Nicks Recalls The ‘Mystery Man’ Saving Her Life

Stevie Nicks remembered the man who had saved her in the past during one of her gigs recently.

During her 1970 Fillmore Auditorium performance in San Francisco, the singer was subjected to heckling and catcalling by an audience member, as per one of the several anecdotes she related during the act. A guy approached the stage and used strong language to confront the heckler while she was telling it. It seems the man said:

“I want you to get out of my f*cking Fillmore and never f*cking come back to this building ever. And if I ever see you again, I’ll kill you!”

She discovered after the performance that it was Bill Graham, a concert promoter from San Francisco who is credited with helping launch the careers of musicians like the Grateful Dead and Janis Joplin.

Nicks Lived In San Francisco For Many Years

Nicks spent considerable time in San Francisco before deciding to pursue a music career. Due to Fleetwood Mac’s well-established affiliation with Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles, this truth could have gone unnoticed.

On December 15, the rock star returned to San Francisco for a performance at the Chase Center. However, Nicks, who moved to the Bay Area for high school and attended San Jose State University, stated the following in place of the standard “Welcome, San Francisco”:

“This is where I would say, ‘Welcome, San Francisco,’ but I could just say, ‘I feel like I’m home.'”

Even after all these years, she continues to feel a part of the city:

“My heart is still here. I lived here for about seven years, and had I not joined the band and went to LA I would still be living here.”

Before leaving the stage at the most recent performance, Nicks declared her love for San Francisco and her want to go back.


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