Brian May Reacts To Mary Austin Auctioning Freddie Mercury Memorabilia

Brian May recently expressed his sorrow about Mary Austin’s choice to put Freddie Mercury’s memorabilia up for auction on his official Instagram account.

Even though it had been some time after Austin’s declaration, the guitarist didn’t address the matter until his most recent post. May shared a picture of Mercury picking up a guitar and wrote:

“Inescapably thinking so much about Freddie in these strange days. At the time this photo was taken, I’m sure it didn’t seem very important to see Freddie’s fingers dancing on my own homemade guitar. Now, it summons up waves of affection and great memories. He is so missed.”

He continued by expressing his thoughts on the auction:

“Tomorrow, while I’m speaking passionately to Welsh farmers about cows and badgers and bovine TB, Freddie’s most intimate personal effects and writings that were part of what we shared for so many years, will go under the hammer, to be knocked down to the highest bidder and dispersed forever. I can’t look. To us, his closest friends and family, it’s too sad. Thanks, Joyce Moore, for finding the pic. I don’t know the credit.”

It seems that the supporters understood his concerns since they too shared similar views in the comment area. Among them, one wrote:

“Well said. While I fully respect the right of the owner to sell them, I dearly wish different choices had been made. Particularly for the lyrics and stagewear. Not all things that one can do are necessarily things one should do.”

Austin announced in April that she would be selling 1,500 items, including handwritten song lyrics, musical equipment, and costumes, that had belonged to the late Queen frontman. From August 4 to September 5, Freddie Mercury: A World of His Own, a special Sotheby’s auction, took place in London.

On September 6, there will be a big auction. On September 7 and 8, there will be two more live auctions. It is projected that the sale will bring in up to $7.4 million. Austin intends to donate a part of the earnings to the Elton John AIDS Foundation and the Mercury Phoenix Trust.

The picture that May shared is shown below.

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