Steven Tyler Wins Legal Battle Against Sexual Assault Allegations

In a recent legal triumph, Steven Tyler has emerged victorious in a longstanding legal battle against sexual assault allegations that had lingered for years.

On February 21, U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan made a decisive ruling, dismissing a lawsuit that had accused the Aerosmith frontman of sexually assaulting a former teenage model on two occasions nearly five decades ago in Manhattan. The judge based his decision on the argument that Jeanne Bellino had waited too long to sue Tyler, citing a New York City law aimed at safeguarding victims of gender-motivated violence.

Kaplan clarified that Bellino did not qualify for a two-year window to pursue her claims, as she had not alleged that Tyler’s conduct posed a ‘serious risk of physical injury.’ Tyler, consistently denying the allegations, found legal support in the judge’s ruling, which maintained that Bellino could have presented her case earlier under the Child Victims Act and Adult Survivors Act—both of which had specific timeframes for filing claims that had elapsed.

Tyler’s legal team, echoing the judge’s rationale, emphasized Bellino’s alleged ‘lack of diligence’ in not pursuing her case within the stipulated timeframes. In alignment with these arguments, Judge Kaplan dismissed the case, marking a significant legal victory for Steven Tyler.

Expressing satisfaction with the ruling, Tyler’s attorney concurred with the judge’s reasoning, stating, “We agree with the judge’s reasoning, and are grateful for this result on behalf of our client.”

The model, Jeanne Bellino, a former child model, claimed to have encountered Tyler in New York during the summer of 1975 at the age of 17. According to her allegations, Tyler, then around 27, violently assaulted her twice on the sole day of their meeting. The encounter took place after a friend arranged for them to meet Aerosmith at the Warwick Hotel following a fashion show in Manhattan.

Bellino recounted an incident during a walk down Sixth Avenue when she asked Tyler a question about a song lyric, leading to an alleged frustrated response from the musician. This purportedly culminated in Tyler forcing her into a phone booth, where she claimed he assaulted her through inappropriate behavior and groping. The lawsuit detailed that onlookers, including Tyler’s entourage, stood by laughing while passersby witnessed the incident without intervening. Bellino managed to free herself by employing self-defense tactics, subsequently fleeing the phone booth in shock and fear.

As the legal proceedings continue, Bellino has until March 13 to amend and resubmit her case.

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