Peter Criss Denies Gene Simmons Claims About Final KISS Shows

In a recent exclusive interview, Peter Criss refuted Gene Simmons‘ claims about KISS’s farewell shows with 94.7 WCSX.

In contrast to the bassist’s purported invitation for Criss and Ace Frehley, the drummer stated, expressing his emotions on the band’s dissolution:

“It’s hard to believe it’s over. I’m truly touched by it. There were so many glorious years and the four of us created some really fun tunes and have the most incredible fan base a band could ever have. We are truly fortunate to have our fans all these years. Thank you KISS Army for the life that you gave me and the life that you gave all of us in KISS.”

Disappointment Over Exclusion From The Last Performance

Peter went on to say how disappointed he was that, as founder members of KISS, he and Ace, Bruce Kulick, and Vinnie Vincent, had not received an invitation to play a few songs in New York as a thank you for their fans’ years of support. He continued, saying:

“[I’m] in a good place in my life and very happy and very proud of what the four founding fathers of KISS created. It’s truly a blessing. There’s not much more a musician or artist could ask for than what God has blessed us with. And now the end is here. To quote our dear late manager Bill Aucoin, ‘onward and upward.'”

Simmons’ Invitation To Frehley And Criss For Final Shows

In a June interview with Linea Rock, Simmons expressed his sadness that Frehley and Criss had to leave the band, blaming their exits on private problems such as drug addiction. He said they were welcome to return even though they had declined to participate in the last KISS shows, explaining:

“The newer fans never saw them, and they don’t know. But the older fans wonder about Ace and Peter. Well, I asked both Ace and Peter a few times: ‘Do you wanna come out for the encores? Do you wanna do some shows?’ And they both said ‘no.’ So, I don’t know what to say about that… But it’s always welcome.”

Frehley’s Response To Alleged Invitations

But in earlier comments, Frehley who was just on SiriusXM also backed Criss when he said that he wasn’t invited. The guitarist pointed out:

“No. You know what it is? Those guys use my name and Peter’s [Criss] name months ago. They said that they invited us to perform at that show. I never got a phone call. Peter never got a phone call. They just said that to sell tickets.”

In addition, Frehley reported that Paul Stanley had made disparaging statements about him and Criss, implying that if they performed, it would spoil the KISS farewell concert, which Frehley found offensive.


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