Paul Stanley On His Illness: ‘I’ve Done Shows With A 103 Fever’

Following two gigs postponed due to Paul Stanley’s sickness, which he described as “quite dangerous,” KISS resumed their last tour, “End of the Road,” with a show in Indianapolis on November 25.

In response to Stanley’s sickness, they canceled their November 21–24 shows in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; November 22–24 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada; and November 24–24 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Now that they were back on stage, Stanley talked to the audience about his sickness during the soundcheck and Q&A period before the concert. Stanley stated:

“You know, I’ve done shows with cracked ribs, I’ve done shows with a 103 fever. [This time] I literally… I was wondering if it was my time. But anyway, I’m here and it’s awesome”

Paul Stanley’s Health Problems

Paul Stanley was hardly the most probable child to become a rock star. He was born deaf on the right side due to a facial abnormality called microtia, which prevented his right ear from developing normally. In 1982, he had reconstructive surgery to make an ear by utilizing a portion of his rib cage.

In an interview with The Los Angeles Times in 2013, Stanley recollected these health issues. He declared:

“What I do has taken its toll. I’ve had both my rotator cuffs surgically repaired. They’re all similar to sports injuries. I’ve torn my meniscus in both knees and had a hip replacement. This is all from onstage performances. It’s like doing a triathlon with a guitar around my neck. You have to jump, sing, swing your arm, and play the right chord. I used to jump up in the air and land on my knees. It didn’t hurt then, but it does now.”

He stated the following in a 2012 interview with the UK’s Independent:

“Every scar on my body was proudly earned. There’s nothing worse than looking back and wishing you had done things, but I did ’em all. That’s how life is supposed to be lived.”

Stanley, 71, is still touring with KISS in spite of his previous issues. On December 2, 2023, Madison Square Garden will host the conclusion of their final leg of the “End of the Line” tour.



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