Paul Stanley Has A Valid Excuse To Use Backing Vocals, Sebastian Bach Explains

Sebastian Bach, the former vocalist of Skid Row, recently responded to Syncin’ Stanley’s inquiries on Paul Stanley, the singer of KISS, and his ‘rumored’ use of backing tracks.

In a recent YouTube video posted on September 3, Bach defended Stanley and explained why he didn’t find the singer’s potential lip-syncing to be a “problem.” He declared:

“My position on that is that if you are in your 70s; if you’re 72 and you gotta put on foot-high monster boots and a Godzilla a Godzilla costume and hook yourself up to wires and fly to the top of the roof and sing, a guy in that age, I don’t really have a problem with a guy that’s in his 70s or 80s that might use the technology to give us a show.”

This does not imply, however, that the Skid Row vocalist “approved” of employing backing tracks:

“I don’t mind the technology being used for its proper thing, like an old dude giving a show, trying his best. But he’s old, right? What I do have a f*cking problem with — excuse my language there, but you know who you’re talking to here — I don’t like when I have an opening band who’s 23 and they have the whole show on a click track and the background vocals are going.”

He went on to defend Stanley and the singer’s “possible” propensity for lip-syncing once more:

“If KISS were in their twenties, I would not like them to use tapes. Or if they were like an athlete one day and said, ‘Oh, I think I wanna be a rock star.’ And then they just get up there and do jumping jacks and have a tape going, I’ve got a problem with that. I don’t have a problem with a 75-year-old man giving me the show that he’s always given, but also… We’re not, as fans, d*cks.”

Paul was accused of lip-syncing, but KISS’s management and spokespeople denied the claims, saying the vocalist didn’t utilize backing tracks when playing live.

The topic of whether Stanley is utilizing backup vocals or not, though, may soon become legendary as KISS’s farewell tour draws to a close and the vocalist considers taking a hiatus from live performances.


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