Liam Gallagher Reacts To Noel Gallagher Accusing Him Of Ruining Oasis

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Liam Gallagher vehemently rejected the assertions put forth by his sibling, Noel Gallagher, regarding the catalysts leading to the disintegration of Oasis.

Liam posits that Noel had always harbored aspirations of a solo career, substantiating his claim with references to Noel’s solo performances amid Oasis tours. Liam contends that Noel orchestrated the band’s demise to pursue personal ambitions, a sentiment in stark contrast to Noel’s prior statements attributing the breakup to verbal and physical confrontations, citing a Paris incident as the tipping point.

Highlighting a Consistent Pattern of Behavior
Liam staunchly argues that his conduct, characterized by indulgence in alcohol, remained unwavering throughout Oasis’s trajectory. He asserts,

“My behavior has been consistent from day one, just like his. That’s what defined Oasis. I haven’t changed, but suddenly he’s transformed into someone akin to Ronan Keating, adopting this soft stance and declaring, ‘We can’t tolerate such behavior.'”

Liam perceives a transformation in Noel’s attitude over time, criticizing him for affiliating with controversial individuals while rebuffing any prospect of an Oasis reunion. He quips,

“Here he is, on tour with [former Kasabian frontman] Tom Meighan, who’s had his share of controversies…[referring to Meighan’s 2020 assault conviction]. Yet, he won’t reunite with me because I’m a ‘contemptible person’? Relax, mate.”

Impact on Oasis Crew and Personal Reflections
Liam also draws attention to the broader repercussions of the band’s dissolution, underscoring the job losses suffered by the Oasis crew. He remarks,

“Forty or fifty people were employed by Oasis. Suddenly, everyone was jobless. Meanwhile, he’s off with his guitar and his wife, enjoying a splendid time.”

Regarding direct communication with Noel on these matters, Liam reveals,

“No, there has been no dialogue. I haven’t crossed paths with him, and we won’t. They’re all self-absorbed. I’ve experienced humility, and I’m grateful for it because it’s made me a better person. He, on the other hand, still parades around thinking he’s the epitome of greatness, but time will tell.”

Supporting Liam’s recent contentions, he initiated legal proceedings against Noel in 2011. The legal action centered around Noel’s alleged fabrication of the reasons behind the cancellation of Oasis’s 2009 V Festival performance. Noel had attributed the cancellation to Liam’s hangover, a claim Liam vehemently denied. Insisting that laryngitis, not a hangover, led to his absence, Liam expressed dissatisfaction with Noel’s accusations.

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