Ozzy loves T-Pain’s 2023 cover of Black Sabbath’s War Pigs

In a recent turn of events, Ozzy Osbourne bestowed high praise upon T-Pain’s rendition of Black Sabbath’s iconic heavy metal anthem, “War Pigs,” dubbing it the most exceptional cover of the influential track to date. The hip-hop artist showcased his vocal prowess with soaring rock vocals on this remarkable interpretation, earning widespread acclaim since its debut on T-Pain’s covers album, “On Top of the Covers,” released in March 2023.

This musical venture wasn’t just a one-hit wonder, as the album also features T-Pain’s distinctive covers of songs originally performed by Journey, Chris Stapleton, Sam Smith, Sam Cooke, Frank Sinatra, and Dr. Hook. However, it’s the closing track, the Black Sabbath classic, that truly captured the attention of rock and metal enthusiasts, including the legendary “Prince of Darkness” himself, Ozzy Osbourne.

Expressing his admiration, Osbourne declared, “This is the best cover of ‘War Pigs’ ever,” in a post shared on Wednesday (Jan. 10), accompanied by T-Pain’s clip of the live performance, which was originally posted on X (formerly Twitter).

T-Pain’s covers album, “On Top of the Covers,” marks a significant creative endeavor for the artist, renowned for his innovative use of Auto-Tune. Following his triumphant appearance on TV’s The Masked Singer, where he won as the disguised “Monster” in 2019, T-Pain embarked on this ambitious project. Reflecting on the album, he shared, “This covers album has been years in the making. I started recording this right after I won The Masked Singer. It got put on hold for a bit but now that I’m independent, I’m able to do whatever I want.” Emphasizing the unexpected nature of the song choices, he added, “These songs are not what you’d expect when you hear that T-Pain is doing a covers album, and that is what I think is cool about it.”

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