Keane Ignites Massive Sing-Along with “Somewhere Only We Know” at Glastonbury 2024

In 2004, Keane released a hit that has since become a nostalgic anthem, passionately sung by festival-goers everywhere. Much like Oasis’ “Live Forever,” Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know” has cemented its status as a modern classic, evoking vivid memories for anyone who lived through the indie-pop scene of the 2000s. Its lyrics, touching on themes of aging and escapism, remain deeply relatable.

At Glastonbury 2024, Keane brought this beloved hit to the Pyramid Stage, performing before an immense, enthusiastic crowd. The moment underscored how timeless pop songs can be, aging gracefully like fine wine, particularly those from what many consider the last golden age of Britpop.

The audience sang Keane’s lyrics with fervor, transforming “I’m getting old and I need something to rely on” into a powerful, collective chant. The first chorus was so impactful that Keane handed the mic to the crowd for the second chorus, creating a choir of thousands.

Frontman Tom Chaplin, now 45, still boasts a voice that has only improved with time. Joined by drummer Richard Hughes (48), keyboardist Tim Rice-Oxley (48), and bassist Jesse Quin (42), Keane’s original lineup from 2004 remains intact, stronger and more passionate than ever.

Keane’s journey began in their schooldays at Tonbridge School in Kent, later forming in Battle, East Sussex. After the departure of original guitarist Dominic Scott in 2001, their debut album “Hopes And Fears” became the second-best-selling album of 2004. Hits like “Everybody’s Changing” and “Somewhere Only We Know” have reached legendary status.

Their Glastonbury performance felt like a jubilant anniversary celebration. Despite an early slot on Saturday evening, keyboardist Tim Rice-Oxley had envisioned an all-inclusive nostalgia fest, and it was seamlessly realized. He previously told The Independent, “We’re playing at four in the afternoon, so you often find people are emerging from the hangover…you hope you can get people’s attention from all over the place and get them singing along. That’s our mission.”

Keane’s 20th anniversary tour, “Keane20,” will continue with stops in Spain, Belgium, and France, returning to Somerset, UK, to headline the Glastonbury Abbey Extravaganza on August 3rd. Following a few more European shows, the tour will head to the US and South America this autumn.

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