BRENT STREET Dance Troupe Earns Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer on America’s Got Talent 2024

When 17-year-old Zach quietly introduced his dance troupe “Brent Street” on America’s Got Talent 2024, the judges had no idea what they were in for.

The AGT stage plunged into darkness, setting an eerie tone that startled the audience. Suddenly, Zach was illuminated in the center, suspended horizontally under a black sheet that spanned the stage. A mesmerizing display followed: hands emerged through the sheet in a surreal dance of detachment before it fell away to reveal a group of dancers dressed in luminous white against the midnight backdrop.

Brent Street’s hyper-modern routine blended gymnastics, interpretive dance, and martial arts with military precision, showcasing flawless synchronization and a mesmerizing otherworldly quality. Their choice of NF’s rap track “Hope” added an unapologetically powerful and ominous soundtrack, captivating the audience in a visceral experience.

Host Terry Crews was visibly moved, and judge Sofia Vergara dubbed it “the coolest thing” she’d seen that day. Simon Cowell praised the performance for its creative brilliance, noting how the dancers operated as a unified force despite their individuality.

In a surprise twist, Howie Mandel left the judges’ panel to kneel between Sofia and Heidi Klum, responding to the audience’s chants by smashing the Golden Buzzer in a touching and exhilarating moment, sending Brent Street straight to the live shows.

Based in Sydney, Brent Street has earned a reputation as “Australia’s Home of Performing Arts” over 35 years. Their studios are renowned as hubs of creativity and success, offering diverse classes from preschool fun to rigorous training for aspiring professionals across dance, musical theatre, and acting.

Brent Street’s impact extends beyond the stage, featuring in Amazon Prime’s “Dance Life,” a series following students through their transformative final year at Australia’s premier dance studio. With a strong social media presence, including 136K+ Instagram followers and 19K YouTube subscribers, Brent Street continues to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.

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