Steely Dan Albums Ranked Worst to Best

Steely Dan

Almost everyone has stolen from Steely Dan at some time over the course of over 50 years. The concept of adding intricacy to mainstream music or merging jazz into rock wasn’t created by Walter Becker and Donald Fagen. They just so happened to be the best in the world at putting this lethal combo together. … Read more

50+ Songs about Sadness For A Good Cry

songs about sadness

Not every day is filled with joy and sunshine, some days are filled with sorrow and rainy days, the perfect tune to play while you’re feeling low on yourself can be some of these sad songs. When the feeling of loneliness hits you straight in the heart, What’s the first song that comes to your … Read more

30+ Easy Love Songs to play on Guitar


Love songs are one of the materials that connects straight to our hearts. The melodies, lyrics, and the emotion of such moments hit us right straight into our hearts. Such kinds of songs give us a peaceful moment and help us be calm. If you also want to learn some love songs on guitar then … Read more