Shania Twain’s Iconic Comeback at Glastonbury 2024: Overcoming Lyme Disease to Reclaim Her Voice

Shania Twain’s 1997 hit, “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” has cemented itself as a timeless pop anthem. Despite a lengthy battle with Lyme disease that wreaked havoc on her voice, Shania’s powerful performance at Glastonbury 2024 demonstrated her resilience and enduring star power.

Taking to the Pyramid stage with an almost all-female band, the Canadian country singer delivered a 14-song set that included fan favorites like “That Don’t Impress Me Much” and “Come On Over.” She closed the show with her iconic anthem, “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!”

However, Shania’s set was marred by sound issues, prompting former pop star Coleen Nolan to defend her on the TV show Loose Women. Nolan remarked, “I could tell she couldn’t hear properly because she wasn’t in tune at some points. But at least she proved it was live!”

By the time Shania’s closing hit came around, most of the sound problems had been resolved. Nevertheless, critics noted her vocal abilities had diminished since the ’90s, though she still outperformed many. While her verses were flawless, the pre-chorus and chorus lines were delivered in a monotonous, mid-range harmony instead of the song’s iconic melodies.

In her 2022 documentary, “Not Just A Girl,” Shania revealed her struggles with Lyme disease, which she contracted in 2003 after a tick bite while horseback riding. The disease damaged her vocal cords and significantly impacted her ability to perform. “My voice was never the same again. I thought I’d lost my voice forever,” she admitted.

Beyond vocal issues, Shania experienced dizziness and blackouts on stage, fearing she might fall. Despite these challenges, she considered herself fortunate that the disease didn’t attack other areas, such as her joints or heart, which Lyme disease can affect if untreated.

Forced to take a 15-year break from music to recover, Shania underwent open-throat surgery in 2018 and had to relearn how to sing. Her Glastonbury performance in 2024 was a testament to her strength and passion. Embracing her new voice, she confessed, “I have a different voice now, but I own it. I love my voice now.”

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