Anthrax, Foo Fighters and Slayer stars perform AC/DC classics at Bon Scott tribute concert

On a memorable Tuesday night, the Avalon in Hollywood, California became the epicenter for a gathering of rock luminaries paying homage to the iconic AC/DC frontman, Bon Scott. The brainchild of comedian Dean Delray, who not only organized the event but also graced the stage with his stand-up alongside Bill Burr, the A Tribute To Bon Scott of AC/DC concert drew in a fervent crowd of 1,250 dedicated AC/DC enthusiasts.

The dynamic lineup for the night was a revolving door of talent, featuring heavyweights like Anthrax’s Scott Ian, Slayer’s Dave Lombardo, Foo Fighters’ Josh Freese, Rival Sons’ Jay Buchanan and Scott Holiday, The Black Crowes’ Steve Gorman, Alice In Chains’ Mike Inez, Primus’ Larry LaLonde, seasoned session and touring guitarist Josh Zee, and the multi-talented Bill Burr showcasing his drumming prowess.

Dean Delray, the mastermind behind the tribute, not only tickled the audience’s funny bone with his comedy routine but also took center stage as a vocalist, channeling Bon Scott’s essence with uncanny brilliance. Adding to the vocal dynamism, Pearl Aday, standing in for the originally billed Juliette Lewis, proved to be a powerhouse, showcasing that talent indeed runs in the family as Meat Loaf’s daughter and Scott Ian’s wife.

Scott Ian, expressing his gratitude post-show, shared a snippet of the electrifying ‘Let There Be Rock’ performance, dubbing himself and his fellow musicians the “Phil Rudd and Malcolm Young of thrash.” Reveling in the opportunity to embody Malcolm and play thirteen of his favorite songs, Ian hailed the night as a resounding success.

A dedicated aficionado of AC/DC, Dean Delray has been the architect behind numerous Bon Scott tribute gigs over the years, with the latest two editions unfolding in April 2018 and March 2020, just days before the onset of lockdown measures.

The significance of AC/DC’s live revival last October at the Power Trip festival in California has sparked speculation among fans about the potential for more AC/DC shows in the pipeline. As the echoes of the tribute concert linger, the rock community eagerly awaits what the future holds for the legacy of Bon Scott and the enduring spirit of AC/DC.

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