Bon Scott Was Sad And Depressed In AC/DC, The Co-Founder Reveals The Heartbreaking Truth

During an interview with Brazil’s “Guarda Volume” podcast, founding AC/DC singer Dave Evans talked about his experiences with the band and the challenges that Bon Scott had to deal with throughout his lifetime.

Before Scott replaced Evans as lead singer of AC/DC in 1974, Evans had two singles released. Regarding the vocalist who took his position, he stated:

“Poor Bon Scott. Bon Scott joined the band, and he went through a lot of crap too. And he ended up dead. He was working, working, working, working, working, working. And he was depressed, sad. He looked happy ’cause he was drunk all the time. Bon Scott drank all the time. Alcoholic. You see photographs of Bon Scott; he’s always got a bottle or a drink all the time. Sad. Sad. But it killed him in the end. But he was going through a lot of hell, too, with the band.”

Evans Was Not Surprised About Scott’s Death

According to reports, Bon Scott passed away in 1980 from “acute alcohol poisoning” following a night of excessive drinking. Evans shared his reflections on the singer’s death.

“I spoke to Bon Scott after he joined [AC/DC]. We had a private conversation about things which will remain private. And so when I found out what happened to Bon Scott, when I read about it, and I spoke to his wife about it too — I saw his wife who told me what happened and stuff — I wasn’t surprised. I was not surprised.”

Throughout his career, Scott’s drinking and drug misuse attracted criticism, particularly after an overdose that sent him to the hospital in 1975.

The Ex-AC/DC Member Shared Views On Scott’s Lifestyle

In an interview with Galaxy 107 FM in New Zealand, Dave Evans discussed his departure from AC/DC and offered his thoughts on the late singer’s way of life. The vocalist revealed, claiming that Scott had imitated him when he was in the band:

“I know that he was under instructions to do this, so I don’t really hold it against Bon Scott for that because when he joined the band, he was washed up at the time, and he got a great chance to do something, and he did too. He did a great job, but his lifestyle just let him down.”

Following Bon Scott’s passing, AC/DC debated disbanding, but they ultimately decided to carry on with Brian Johnson as their new lead singer. The group is now thought to be organizing a tour for 2024, including a confirmed June performance at Munich’s Olympic Stadium.


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