When Tom Jones Invaded Engelbert Humperdinck’s TV Show: A Legendary Duet Ensued

What’s more exciting than watching Sir Tom Jones perform live in 1969? Seeing him perform alongside Engelbert Humperdinck that same year! These two legendary baritones came together for an unforgettable segment on The Engelbert Humperdinck Show in December 1969. While Humperdinck hosted many stars on his variety show, his collaboration with Sir Tom remains a standout moment that continues to captivate audiences.

The performance begins with Humperdinck crooning “My Way,” then shifting gears into Sir Tom’s signature song, “It’s Not Unusual.” As Sir Tom strides onto the stage, Humperdinck playfully steps back, making way for the Tiger’s powerful presence. After some light-hearted banter, Sir Tom takes over with a solo rendition of “My Way” and surprises everyone by transitioning into Humperdinck’s hit, “The Last Waltz.”

Once they’ve each tackled the other’s hits, the two join forces for a duet of “My Way,” ending with a handshake and a smile. Sir Tom then wraps up the show with a solo performance of “Proud Mary.” The camaraderie and fun they share are evident, and their powerful voices blend beautifully, creating a memorable and entertaining experience.

Fans who watch the performance online leave enthusiastic comments, praising the duo’s talent. One remarked, “Whenever I hear Tom Jones, I feel that the microphone could be optional. What a powerful voice,” while another noted, “Honestly, what a beautiful duet and two beautiful voices that blend so well together. They could be twins – that’s how their voices are in sync. Humongous talent.”

This iconic performance happened on the pilot episode of The Engelbert Humperdinck Show, setting a high bar for the series. Although the show only ran for six months until 1970, this collaboration was no coincidence. Both Sir Tom and Humperdinck were managed by Gordon Mills in the 1960s, a London-based manager and songwriter who penned several hits for both singers, including Sir Tom’s breakout hit, “It’s Not Unusual.”

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