Houston’s Phenomenal Dancing Security Guards

When the Houston Astros mascot Orbit launched into his dance routine to “Moves Like Jagger” in 2017, little did anyone expect the spontaneous extravaganza that followed. The scene unfolded as Orbit seemed poised to engage a stoic security officer, who unexpectedly broke into his own explosive dance routine.

Captivating the crowd on the Jumbotron, the security guard unleashed shameless moves with star power that rivaled The Beatles, eliciting roars from the audience. His pièce de résistance—a gravity-defying body flop into what could only be described as the ultimate worm dance—crowned his impromptu performance, catapulting it to viral fame during the 2017 ALCS with over 17 million YouTube views.

But this wasn’t Houston’s first encounter with a one-man flash mobbing security guard. A similar viral video from 2014 featuring the legendary Willis Harris, known for his eclectic dance repertoire including cartwheels and campy splits, set the precedent for such unexpected sports ground antics.

Willis Clinton Harris, a freelance security officer, achieved meme lord status with his breakout video “Work It Willis,” amassing a staggering 99 million YouTube views over a decade. His knack for sparking joy through spontaneous dance has seen him go viral at numerous sports events, including an unforgettable encounter at a Tampa Bay Rays game.

Speculation swirled in 2017 when another anonymous security guard mirrored Harris’ spontaneous moves with Orbit, sparking rumors of staged antics. Harris himself hinted at a behind-the-scenes connection with Orbit, coyly admitting, “We’re good friends,” while maintaining the spontaneity of their performances.

Regardless of the speculation, Harris emphasized his genuine passion for entertaining crowds: “My passion has always been entertainment… making ourselves look a little less serious than we actually are, is a great time.”

Whether staged or spontaneous, Houston’s dancing security guards continue to brighten dull days with their infectious spirit and unforgettable antics.

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