The terrifying occult experience that made David Bowie avoid Jimmy Page for life

The intricate dance between the supernatural and rock ‘n’ roll has been a longstanding fascination, steeped in legendary tales and mysterious encounters. This enchanting connection finds its roots in the 1930s, with blues virtuoso Robert Johnson’s mythical pact with the devil for artistic prowess. However, the 1960s ushered in a darker, more arcane era, influenced by the surreal writings of William S. Burroughs. The counterculture of that time, infused with mystical and occult themes, Eastern Philosophy, and magic, captivated notable musicians, none more so than Jimmy Page.

While this facet of hippiedom is often shaded by the darkness of events like the Manson Family Murders, it also weaves through the narratives of iconic artists. Led Zeppelin’s frontman, Jimmy Page, stands out with his explicit connection to the occult. His fascination with the esoteric began in his youth, influenced by the controversial English occultist Aleister Crowley’s writings, notably “Magick in Theory and Practice.”

Page’s journey led him to open an occult bookshop, draw inspiration for Led Zeppelin IV’s “Zoso” symbol from a 16th-century grimoire, and reside in Crowley’s eerie former abode, Boleskine House on the shores of Loch Ness—a place rumored to be a portal to hell.

Despite Page’s reported ties to Crowley and Lucifer, he has never formally identified as a Thelemite, adherent to Crowley’s religion, nor has he been initiated into The Typhonian Order, a magical organization linked to him.

Jimmy Page’s occult journey takes on an added layer of intrigue through anecdotes, one particularly spine-chilling involving David Bowie. Shared on Jake Brennan’s Disgraceland podcast, the tale recounts a 1974 encounter between Page and Bowie. In a drug-fueled odyssey, Page attempted telepathic communication with Bowie, regaling him with a nightmarish paranormal experience at Boleskine House.

Bowie, no stranger to occult fascination, pressed Page for more details, triggering an eerie atmosphere. Page’s demeanor shifted from shock to a peculiar smirk, unsettling Bowie. As the apartment lights flickered, Bowie, feeling a surge of unease, asked Page to leave, to which Page cryptically pointed to an open window. The encounter ended with Page departing in silence, leaving Bowie to exorcise his home and distance himself from the guitarist.

For Bowie, this marked the end of flirtation with the dark arts, a chapter closed in the shadows of an enigmatic encounter with Jimmy Page.


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