The Story Of Jesse Lee Plant: Robert Plant’s Son With His Former Sister-In-Law Shirley Wilson

Given that rock singers frequently had tumultuous relationships with groupies, had illicit affairs with the girlfriends of other musicians, and became drawn to teenage girls throughout the years, there may be dozens of bizarre anecdotes about their romantic lives. Robert Plant, the lead singer of Led Zeppelin, is hardly an exception when it comes to having an odd private life.

The artist continued to have relationships while being married throughout Led Zeppelin’s period of great worldwide fame. The performer even had a “tour wife,” Audrey Hamilton, according to reports. But the reason we’re here today is to learn more about Plant’s marriage to Maureen Wilson, his first wife, and how he fathered a kid with her sister-in-law.

Robert Plant Married Maureen Wilson

What happened to Maureen Wilson, Robert Plant's ex-wife? -

Maureen Wilson and Robert Plant began dating in 1966 after Wilson saw Georgie Fame perform live. Plant had financial hardship in the middle of the 1960s while performing with several bands, including Listen and Band of Joy, and starting a few solo endeavors.

Wilson provided Robert with financial assistance during this period since, as a licensed nurse, her pay was more steady. To make extra money, the musician even spent a brief period of time working in Maureen’s father’s steel plant. On November 9, 1968, during Led Zeppelin’s performance at the Roundhouse, their close friendship blossomed into marriage.

For the duration of their marriage, Maureen took care of their three children, Carmen Jane, Logan Romero, and Karac Pendragon, while occasionally accompanying Led Zeppelin on their tours. The rock star dedicated the song “Thank You” from the band’s second album, “Led Zeppelin II,” to his wife in 1969.

Unfortunately, the couple’s biggest nightmare came true when they lost their five-year-old son Karac to a stomach bug. The couple filed for divorce in August 1983 for a number of reasons, chief among them being Karac’s passing and Robert’s prolonged absence from the family.

Robert Plant Had A Son With The Sister Of His Ex-Wife: Jesse Lee Plant

Robert Plant had an affair with Shirley Wilson, his former sister-in-law, eight years after divorcing his first wife, Maureen Wilson. In 1991, the couple had their son, Jesse Lee. The 20-year-old son of the legendary Led Zeppelin member has a low-key existence and is seldom seen with his father.

It’s interesting to note that Maureen Wilson doesn’t hold bitter grudges toward her former spouse for having a kid with her sister. In actuality, Wilson and Plant are still friends, and in 2010 she went to a couple of the UK dates of Robert Plant and the Band of Joy’s European Tour.


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