The metal act Lemmy called “one of the greatest bands ever”

Lemmy Kilmister deserves to be considered one of the best rock and roll musicians of all time when considering the vast expanse of the genre’s history. Lemmy never claimed to be the finest in his profession, but his rock and roller lifestyle during Motörhead’s whole career made for one of the most thrilling tales of the modern era, inspiring many rock bands. The leader was not afraid to be brutally honest about his feelings regarding rock bands, but he believed that one metal band should be included among the best performers on the globe.

Lemmy never claimed to be at the forefront of the metal genre, even though it would be simple to classify Motörhead as such. Lemmy never minced words when he stated that he was a rock and roller, never mind the fast-paced style of the band’s music or his previous experience with the hallucinogenic group Hawkwind. He was emulating the old-time rock troubadours who came before him.

It’s also easy to understand why the bassist came to that conclusion. Lemmy followed in the footsteps of bands such as the MC5, Overkill, and even Little Richard, whose recordings on Ace of Spades and Overkill showcased his gravelly vocal skills. These bands were influenced by the early Motörhead records.

Lemmy was forming his new band at the same time the first wave of metal was emerging, but one metal band recognized the direction to go after hearing his songs of devastation. Early on, Lars Ulrich had a deep love for Motorhead. The band’s sound so took him that he decided to form Metallica with the help of fellow Motorhead enthusiast James Hetfield.

The band almost has the names of their rock and roll idols tattooed on their foreheads throughout their debut album, “Motorbreath,” and “Whiplash,” which have a faint similarity to Lemmy’s distinctive lyrics. Lemmy could admit that Metallica was nailing the raw and ragged rock and roll vibe, even though he was more than glad to continue nodding along with the band’s most recent iteration.

When discussing his favorite bands, Lemmy would tell Louder that Metallica was one of the best bands he had ever seen. He said, “There’s always been something special ever since Lars and Cliff Burton came to my hotel room before Metallica even existed. But Metallica are a great f****** band, man. They’re truly one of the best bands ever, ‘Some Kind Of Monster’ aside. Every band has problems.”

After the tragedy, though, Lemmy would receive a ton of recognition from his well-known admirers. Lemmy would return the favor and win a Grammy for an incredible rendition of Metallica’s “Whiplash,” which sounds like the original on steroids, after performing most of the Motörhead songs on the album Garage Inc.

Metallica wrote the song “Murder One” in honor of their rock and roll idol, showing their respect for him even after he died. Although Lemmy may not have entered the music industry intending to become famous and wealthy, Metallica’s impact on subsequent generations of artists has made Motörhead a household name unlike any other.


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