The Last Song Ever Recorded By Tom Petty

In the realm of rock and roll royalty, Tom Petty stood out as not just a musical icon, but as one of the most authentically kind souls to grace the stage. His departure in 2017 left a void felt deeply by loved ones and fans alike, mourning the loss of a genuinely caring and remarkable spirit.

While conventional memorials sought to pay homage to Petty’s memory, Chris Hillman, recognizing the extraordinary essence of Petty’s life and career, conceived a truly distinctive tribute. His conviction in the uniqueness of his approach stemmed from a recent encounter with Petty, a meeting that sparked an unexpected creative flame within Hillman.

Chris Hillman, renowned as one of the founders of the influential rock group The Byrds, had initially shelved any plans for a solo album post “The Other Side.” However, a chance meeting with Petty altered his course, unknowingly setting the stage for what would become Petty’s swan song.

The culmination of this serendipitous collaboration materialized on September 22, 2017, with the release of Chris Hillman’s album, “Bidin’ My Time.” Remarkably, Tom Petty not only produced the record but also lent his instrumental prowess to several tracks, including harmonica on “Given All I Can See” and electric guitar on “Here She Comes Again.” Tragically, on October 2, 2017, Petty succumbed to drug intoxication, making this album his final artistic legacy.

For Hillman, contributing to the 2017 album marked a career-defining moment. In an emotionally charged interview with Billboard, he poured out his deep affection for the late artist, stating, “I loved Tom so much. He was such a blessing in my life. Tom touched everyone with his beautiful music.” Through Hillman’s words, the profound impact of Tom Petty on the music industry resonates, ensuring that Petty’s legacy endures as a timeless and influential force.

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  1. Loved both tunes, I suppose everybody has had a ‘Here _ _ _ comes again, at one time or another ! ‘Bidin My Time’ sorta reminds me of ‘Don’t let the Ole Man In’ by Toby keith !
    Its A song that has A ghostly/spirit filled meaning in it !


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