The Beatles Wins 2024 Grammys For ‘I’m Only Sleeping’ – 50 Years After Disbandment

At the illustrious 2024 Grammys, The Beatles clinched the prestigious Best Music Video accolade for their timeless masterpiece, “I’m Only Sleeping,” originally penned in 1966.

In a showdown against formidable contenders like Billie Eilish’s haunting “What Was I Made For” and Kendrick Lamar’s soul-stirring “Count Me Out,” The Beatles emerged triumphant, as highlighted on the official Grammys platform.

The captivating music video, expertly helmed by the visionary Em Cooper and unveiled on The Beatles’ YouTube enclave in November 2022, boasts a mesmerizing visual narrative comprising over 1,300 meticulously crafted oil paintings. Delving into the ethereal realm between dreams and wakefulness, the video is a testament to The Beatles’ enduring creativity, as detailed on their official website.

This historic victory marks a triumphant return for The Beatles on the Grammy stage, their first win since 1996, though the accolade is attributed not to the legendary band members but to the brilliant directors and producers behind the captivating visuals, as reported by the esteemed publication Forbes.

Origins of the Song

The genesis of “I’m Only Sleeping” lies primarily with the enigmatic John Lennon, though both Lennon and the prolific Paul McCartney are credited, as affirmed by the band’s official records.

According to the annals of Rolling Stone, Lennon’s inspiration for the haunting melody struck during a moment of solitude, interrupted by McCartney‘s inadvertent disruption, leading to the inception of this iconic track.

The composition found its home in The Beatles’ seminal albums of 1966, Revolver and Yesterday and Today, etching its indelible mark on the annals of musical history.

The Making of Cooper’s Visual Masterpiece

Variety divulges that the groundwork for Cooper’s magnum opus was laid with the release of an extended remix of “Revolver” in October 2022, including a captivating stereo remix of “I’m Only Sleeping,” setting the stage for the evocative music video.

Handpicked to steer the creative ship, Cooper shared her profound insights into the project with the Grammys, articulating her fervent opposition to the commodification of time and championing the cause of individual autonomy.

Empowered by the unwavering support of higher echelons of production, Cooper deftly employed the medium of oil paintings to encapsulate the video’s evocative imagery, as disclosed by the Grammys, culminating in a visual symphony that resonated with audiences worldwide.

Grammy Triumphs and Beyond

Despite bidding adieu to the stage in the late 1960s, The Beatles’ enduring legacy continues to manifest in their resounding Grammy victories, amassing an impressive seven awards from 23 nominations, as chronicled by the annals of History.

Speculation runs rife within the corridors of Forbes regarding the band’s potential resurgence in the ensuing years, with the recent release of “Now and Then” fuelling whispers of yet another triumphant outing at the 2025 Grammy Awards.

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