Sting Didn’t Write The ‘Shape Of My Heart’ Riff

In the world of music, iconic riffs are often attributed to the artists who perform them. However, in a recent revelation, renowned guitarist Dominic Miller, known for his extensive collaboration with Sting, shared a surprising insight with Rick Beato on his YouTube channel. It turns out that Sting didn’t create one of his most famous riffs, the one from ‘Shape Of My Heart.’

Discussing the ‘Shape of My Heart’ riff and its various renditions, Dominic Miller recounted his amusing encounter with a video featuring a Dutch guitarist. He mused, “I got to tell you a funny story because I saw one of these videos that you’re talking about. There is some Dutch guy. I think he’s got a lot of followers or something, and he’s a very good guitarist and a good educator, but first of all, I saw the headline of the video which showed up on my feed, and it said, ‘Sting’s most iconic riff.‘”

Miller’s curiosity was piqued as he wondered which of Sting’s many iconic riffs the video might highlight. “Is it ‘Roxanne’? Is it going to be ‘Every Breath You Take’?” he wondered. However, much to his surprise, the video showcased ‘Shape of My Heart.’ Miller’s reaction was a mix of amusement and disbelief.

As the video progressed, the guitarist in question delved into the complexity of the chords within the song. Miller noted, “I went, ‘Well, that’s okay, I don’t really mind because why should I really care? It’s not that important,’ but then he’s talking about how difficult it is to play these chords.” The video explained that the chord used in ‘Shape of My Heart’ was so challenging that even the live performances featured a modified version.

Dominic Miller then candidly admitted to altering the chord when playing it live. He acknowledged that the original chord structure was nearly impossible to execute while standing, making the modification a practical necessity. In essence, the song’s live rendition deviated from the original composition due to the chord’s inherent difficulty.

In a 2021 interview with Beato, Miller shed light on the origins of the ‘Shape of My Heart’ riff. Surprisingly, it was initially conceived as a musical exercise, inspired by classical and jazz chord structures. Miller never envisioned it as a complete song. However, through Sting’s collaborative genius, the riff was recognized for its potential and transformed into a song within a single day.

This revelation by Dominic Miller provides a fascinating glimpse into the creative process of music-making and the often unforeseen paths that lead to iconic compositions. While Sting’s name is synonymous with ‘Shape of My Heart,’ the true origins of its distinctive riff are now unveiled, adding an intriguing layer to its musical legacy.

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