50+ Songs about Sadness For A Good Cry

Not every day is filled with joy and sunshine, some days are filled with sorrow and rainy days, the perfect tune to play while you’re feeling low on yourself can be some of these sad songs.

When the feeling of loneliness hits you straight in the heart, What’s the first song that comes to your mind? “Wish you were here?” Well, that’s not the only option you have to satisfy your soul on your sorrowful days!

Let’s take a look at some of the saddest songs that will give you a warm and cozy feeling and will bring a sorrowful smile to your face. Get into our safari bus where we will get into the tour of slow melodies.

1. Nothing Compares to 2U

From the album ”I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got”, Nothing Compares 2 you is a song by Prince which was about a lost lover.

This was actually originally made as a breakup song. But the same song of another version by Sinéad O’Connor channels the intense sorrow after the death of her mother five years ago.

2. Hurt

Hurt by Johnny Cash is a song written by him while he was in the harshest situation of his life. While his health was failing because of autonomic neuropathy caused by diabetes, he recorded this beautiful yet sad song.

According to Rubin, it was a real struggle for him as he sounded broken multiple times because of the complexity he was facing.

3. Traitor

Released in 2021, the song Traitor by Olivia Rodrigo is from the album named Sour. Mostly, breakup songs are written as classic pop or rockstar songs.

Through the song, she brings modern heartbreak to the clump of people as it demonstrates the sorrow she faced while she was being cheated on by her partner in the relationship.

4. Teardrop

Teardrop is a hip-hop song by the massive attack. It is from the Mezzanine album released in 1998. This song tells the story of a woman that is on a dark and insane night of serious change in mental health and seeks true love.

The vocal of this song is done by Elizabeth Fraser who grieves the death of the love of her life.

5. Back to Back

Released in 2006, Back to Back is a song by an artist named Amy Wine house. She is recalled for all the negative seasons.

The writer of this song suffered from the most unimaginable problems such as the battle against daily grubby life and addiction overhauled the style of her delicate writing and lyrics.

Back to Black won’t let you hold your tears if you to it while suffering the sorrow of some kind of loss or breakup.

6. Time by time

Sung by a talented artist Cyndi Lauper, Time by time is a depressing song from the album She is so Unusual which was released in 1983.

This song is about someone whom you love but they are distancing from you because of the misunderstanding and confusion between both of you.

It is about the challenge that love puts on over a certain time either for the welfare or hardship of the relationship.

7. Piledriver Waltz

Released back in 2011 from the album Submarine, Piledriver Waltz is sung by Alex tuner. This song is from a movie where a teenage boy suffers from relationship distress.

Through this song, Alex shows the hopelessness of a young boy who gets aware that his first love life is about to end.

8. Just like Heaven

In distinction to the album Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me, kiss me, Just Like Heaven is a song that was released by The Cure back in 1987.

Robert Smith wrote this son when he was suffering the pain of love. He got married to his girlfriend whom he encountered at the age of 14 after a year of the delivery of this song.

The song is sad enough to make you cry as it portrays the saddest feelings and emotions of Smith.

9. Pink Moon

Released in 1972, Pink Moon is sung by Nick Drake. This song plays the brutal sadness of the British singer-songwriter.

Each and every line of this song demonstrates the distressing feeling a person has gone through. Apparently, this song is haunted by the melancholic hunch that can tear up your eyes without you noticing.

10. Into my Arms

Into my Arms is a song, sung by Nick and the Bad Seeds from the Album named The Boatman’s Call which was released in 1997.

The deep base of Nick along with the sweet melody of the piano has demonstrated that huge production is not needed to make a song sadistic and effective.

Nick is an impassioned and composite character who has put down the story of his tragic life into every sentence of the song.

11. What about us

What about us is a beautiful yet fiendish song from the album named Beautiful Trauma sung by Pink that got released in 2017.

We’ll know that heart aches every single moment it beats while going through a breakup and the songwriter of this music has been through multiple harsh situations.

Through this song, Pink has portrayed faith in her good upcoming days and how her lover shattered her dreams into pieces.

12. Everybody Hurts

Released in 1992, Everybody Hurts is a song by R.E.M from the album named Automatic for the People.

This song is a classic song by R.E.M about the tragic loss and the positive expectations that we all have about the upcoming days.

This song portrays the call of Michael Stipe with his high singing voice aware all of us listeners that although we’re having good days recently, there surely comes a day when we might feel drastically down.

13. A Case of You

Coming from the album Blue, A case of you is a song released in 1971 that was sung by Joni Mitchell. This is a classical song that relates to heartbreak.

Through this song, Joni Mitchell portrays the most distressing feeling of all of us at a certain point in our life. The soothing vocal Mitchell clarifies her departed love who called her “as constant as the Northern Star” before abandoning her.

14. Landslide

From the album Life becoming a landslide, Landslide is a song created by Fleetwood Mac. This song makes us realize that while we enjoy every moment, we don’t realize how fast time passes by.

This song demonstrates the change and hardships of life.

While Nick’s boyfriend was in Buckingham. Journey along with Don Everly, she wrote this song in 1974 at Aspen’s snow country.

15. Love is a laser quest

Sung by the Artic Monkeys, Love is a laser quest is a song from the album”Suck it and See”. This underrated band started its journey from a previously-punk band and has turned into a rock behemoth. Alex Turner clarifies the misery of lost love through the song.

16. The Boxer

From the album FM Broadcasts 1965-1970, vol. 2 (Live), The boxer is a song sung by Simon and Garfunkel.

Both of these artists carried out multiple concerts of this song during the fall of the World Trade Centre. Besides the misery of the song, it focuses more on a male fictional boxing character who refuses defeat from his competitors.

18. Slow dancing in the Dark

One of the exceptional artists of all time, Joji sang this song that belongs to the album named “Ballads”. This song talks about a relationship that is heading nowhere good.

The same artist played the role of an actor in the video who gets helpless because of crippling depression and misery.

19. To build a home

Build a home created by The Cinematic Orchestra is a song from the movie called Step Up Revolution.

This sad and depressing song is played during the most brutal moment in the movie where a male character is gripped by misery, and a part of him will turn to dust when two wretched paths stand before him.

20. Go home

Belonging to the album Sprained Ankle, Go home is a song by Julien Baker that was released in 2015. Dealing with anxiety, the importance of isolation and manipulation of one’s ugliest urge is shown in this song.

Through the song, she tries to demonstrate that she needs to have the hand of someone who helps her get over those mentally devastating circumstances.

21. No Distance Left

No Distance Left is a song that was sung and released by a band named Blur in 1999. Usually, the band was renowned for their stadium-rocking anthem, song 2.

However, the band showed a discerning side with the release of this song after the Lead singer, went through the breakup of his relationship that lasted had last for years.

22. Angie

One of the songs from the album Goats Head Soup, Angies is a song that was created by the Rolling Stones in 1973. This song is basically about craving for lost love.

We can sense the aching vocal of Mich Jaggers who’s crying over the loss of his lover in this song. Regarding the breakup relationship of Marianne Faithful, the body of this song is written by Keith Richards along with Jagger’s bestowing lyrics.

23. I’m so lonesome I could Cry

Sung by Hank Williams, I’m so lonesome I could Cry is a song that was released in 1949. We know that country song always moves between the thin line of both sorrow and joy.

The songwriter tripped over to the edge of the ridge with I’m so lonesome I could cry. The loss of William’s lover is shown by the depressing lyrics of this song.

24. Swim Good

This song is from the album same as its name that was released in 2011 by Frank Ocean. This song is quite saddening and bleak as it demonstrates the melancholy of Ocean’s main character.

The thought of self-harming and a sense of distress are not lacking on the show as he imagines suicidal attempts.

26. Tear in your hand

Sung by Tori Amos, Tear in your hand is a song from the album named Little Earthquakes which was released in 1992. In the early 1990s and 2000s, the songwriter survived the devastating heartbreak of her relationship.

This song says the story of a woman who is suffering from crippling depression and is trying to think about the meaning of life.

27. Wish you were here

Sung by the popular bad Pink Floyd, Wish you were here is a song from the album of the same nane that was released in 1975. The founder of this band was quite an unhappy and bizarre person.

His bandmate, Rogers Water corresponded this song for his unwell friend and gave creation to this epic classic song for his regret and loss.

The sadness of the song reach a new height when all of us heard the story of Barret approaching the recording unpredictably.

28. Shallow

Lady Gaga and Bradley is the creator of this song was released in 2018 and actually belongs to a movie named A Star is born. Cooper with such a great singing talent gave a heartbreaking opening to the song that no one expected.

29. Laura

Released in 2012, Laura is a song sung by Bat for lashes and it is from the album named iTunes Festival: London 2012. This is a song that indirectly hints to us that heartbreak is not necessary for a song to be distressing.

In fact, this classic music demonstrated the distressing story of her life and her continuous attempts of harming her own self.

30. Cat’s in the Cradle

Cat’s in the Cradle is a vigorously sad song, sung by Harry Chapin released on 1974. This song is from the album named Verities and Balderdash. This song may have fallen into the satire of itself, but it is sadistic enough to make you cry.

This song portrays the tale of a father who can’t give enough time to spend with his son. After a few, the same thing happens but in the opposite. This time the son is way too busy to spend time with his father.

32. Tears in Heaven

Sung by a talented artist, Eric Clapton belongs to the album named Rush was released in 1992. Eric wrote this song as a tribute to his late son who fell to death in an apartment in New York just at the age of four.

After the release of the original song Tears in Heaven, several other versions of this song were released and the songwriter had faith that it will fade into significance after being recorded.

This song succeeded to remain in the at the top of the list and as a result, got swept with different award events turn by turn.

33. Jolene

Via the album of the same name as the song was sung by an exceptional artist Dolly Parton that was originally released in 1974. This song focuses on a woman who desperately tries to hold onto her lover.

Despite the cheerful chorus, Dolly makes an emotional appeal to the title character not to snatch the love of her life. You might need a tissue while listening to this song as its sadistic vibe might lure you into a crippling depression.

34. I know it’s over

Released in 1986, I know it’s Over is a song sung by the Smiths from the album named “The Queen is Dead”.

The start of this song is quite vulnerable as it gives starts with a sadistic sentence sentence” I can feel the soil falling over my head”. The Band who released this song is mostly renowned for their depressing interpretation.

35. Nothing gets crossed out

Precisely sung by the Bright, Nothing Gets Crossed Out is a song from the album, Lifted or the Story Is in the Soil and Keep your Ear to the Ground. This song got released in 2002 and gained a remarkable number of listeners.

The creators of this song have always been famous for the sadistic shade of their kinds of music. This song turns back sentimentally in the past and along with the terror of upcoming days of life.

36. Something in the Way

From the album Nevermind, Something in the Way is a song sung by Nirvana. If we look back into the life of the highly proficient singer Kurt Cobain, loss and misery were flooded every day.

This song was the saddest song recorded by the band which portrays the early life events of Cobain in all melancholy. As this song exhibits sad vibes, this song is still popular among the distressed youngsters of the entire world.

37. He stopped loving her today

Song by the miraculous singer George Jones, he stopped loving her is a melancholic song from an album named I am What I Am was released in 1980.

When the songwriter created this song, he thought that the song was way too drippy but little did he know that its sadistic nature will make it surprisingly popular among dispirited people.

This song includes the story about Jones losing his lover and feeling the regretful feeling that shattered his entire heart.

38. When the Party’s over

Coming from the album When We All Fall Asleep, Where do we go?, is a song released in 2019 sung by a melancholic music artist, Billie Eilish.

This song basically is an emblem of hasty relationship habits where one agrees to be in a toxic relationship that his/her lover has made. This song gives us a brutal sadistic vibe that might make you cry if you recently had a breakup or heartbreaking events.

39. Angels

Released back in 1977, Angels is a song from the album named “Life thru a Lens sung” by a talented artist, Robbins Williams. This song gives an opportunity for all to surge in sufferings for three minutes. This is a pretty renowned song in Europe that is played at a funeral.

40. Under the Bridge

Released by the popular band Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Under the bridge is a bleak song that was released in 1991. We’ve always been delighted by the spark that this band throws in a party in life or drives us to sadness.

This songbird Red Hot Chilli Pepper will possibly make anyone sob with its unhappy vibe which talks about the lead singer’s loneliness and unloved feelings.

41. Wicked Game

Wicked Game is a dispairing song sung by Chris Isaak that was released in 1989 from the album Heart Shaped World. This song was made with the track of David Lynch’s Wild at Heart which led it to be widely popular.

This song details Chris’s love life where he lost his lover and found her cheating in the relationship

43. Unchained Melody

A sad song released in 1965 by The Righteous Brothers belongs to the album named Just Once in my Life. This song declares the never dying and incessant love of a lover.

Miserable enough to make you cry, this is a classical song that stomps your heart with the hypnotic melody of the strings and heart-wrenching lyrics.

44. Yesterday

Yesterday is a song that is sung by the popular talented band, The Beetles. This song is from a movie called Help!! This band has always been remarked for its love that details the loss of a lover.

Likewise, Yesterday is a classic song about the regretful and miserable feeling of Paul McCartney after his relationship came to an end. Waiting to go back to yesterday and change things is a thought or feeling that everyone relates to.

45. Morning Theft

Belonging to the album Sketches for my Sweetheart, the Drunk, Morning Theft is a song by an exceptionally talented artist named Jeff Buckley that was released back in 1998.

In this song, the songwriter has probably written the lonely feeling that is haunting him every single moment and misses his friends.

The drawing age of Jeff adds extra sadistic feeling to any love song as he might have faced many complex love situations that are compelling him to create sadistic music pieces like this.

46. With or Without You

Via the album, The Joshua Tree, With or Without You is a song released by U2 in the early 1980s. When Bono wrote this song, he was having a very hard time coping with the Irish band.

He had to visit different parts of the world by being away from his wife and children. This song miserably details Bono’s want and desire to spend time with his children.

47. I will Remember You

Released back in 1993, I’ll remember you is a song from an album named Fumbling Towards Ecstacy sung by Sarah Mclachlan. This song is actually about a boy who is feeling miserable about losing his loved one. This song is so sadistic that it might make you sob by remembering your lost loved ones.

48. The Drugs Don’t Work

Coming from the album Urban Hymn, The Drugs Don’t Work is a song by The Verve with its release in 1997. The lead singer, Richard with his amusing vocal and meaningful lyrics demonstrates his own journey with the use of toxic substances and anxiety. This song reflects the moment when he was lost to the abuse of toxins.

49. Shipbuilding

Sung by an amusing artist Robert Wyatt, Shipbuilding is music released in 1982 that comes from the album named Nothing Can Stop Us. This is also a gem song that ultimately shows that every heartwrenching song doesn’t have to be about disastrous love life. This song encapsulates an exceptionally beautiful story about the men who faced their graves in Shipbuilding during the war. The miserable lyrics and the vulnerability of his vocals add another layer of melancholy to the song.

50. Famous Blue Raincoat

Belonging to the album Songs of Love and Hate, Famous Blue Raincoat was released in 1971 by the appreciated artist, Leonard Cohen. This songwriter is also regarded as the professor of melancholy who comes with songs that compels you to sob. This song will leave you crying from the start of the song to the end.

51. Someone Like you

Adele the popular music artist sang the song, someone like you coming from album 21 which was released in 2011. The love life of Adele has played a great role to be one of the most fascinating singers. Someone Like You states the story of the lost love of Adele who she dreamed of marrying. No sign of effort from her partner to love her back and her future-inspired thoughts encouraged this song that earned her fame.

52. The River

Coming from the album of the same name as the song, this music is sung by Bruce Springsteen and the E-street band that was recorded and finally released in 1980. Bruce is an incorrectly interpreted vocalist and songwriter who focuses on the critical financial situations of the fictional character more than giving importance to the lost love. The Harmonica used in this song is distressing enough to make you cry in an instant.

53. Mad World

Belonging to the album named Trading Snakeoil for Wolftickets, Mad World is music sung by Gary Jules. This song was originally released in 2001. Gary unquestionably broke the mold of singers by covering classic songs in a hush and moderate way. With the unspoken misery of Mad World by Tears by Fear covered by Jules can shatter your heart with its sadness.

54. The Streets of Philadelphia

Sung by Bruce Springsteen, The Streets of Philadelphia is a song that belongs to the album named Philadelphia: Music From the Motion Picture. This song was released back in the 1990s. The movie Philadelphia brought the threat of HIV/AIDS to Hollywood. Springsteen encapsulated the mesmerizing soundtrack with a meaningful song about the tragedy of losing an entire community due to the epidemic.

55. Stay with me

Coming from the album Lifted, Stay with me is a song that was released in 2015 and sung by Sam Smith. This songwriter is an accomplished writer who wrote this song within the duration of 30 minutes. In this modern era, this song is popular for its sadistic nature that might make people cry.

56. The Shadowlands

Sung by a talented artist Ryan Adams, The Shadowland is a song that was released in 2003 which came from the album named Love is Hell pt.1. Despite its sadistic nature, This song is beautiful and shows Adam has a great storytelling ability.

57. The Living Years

Released back in 1988, The Living Years comes from the album of the same name as the song that was created by Mike and the Mechanics. This song encapsulates the story of a writer who felt disgusting pain as his father died several months before his own son took a step into this world by birth.

58. Say Something

Coming from the album named Is anybody out there, Say something is a song released in 2014 that was sung by A Big Great World. This song was written by two members of its artist who were suffering from the misery of heartbreak individually. One of the members, Axel says that writing this song was part of healing themselves from the loss and the duo is still getting great affinity for creating such a captivating tune.

59. Good Riddance

Belonging to the album named Nimrod, Good Riddance is a song that was released back in 1997 and created by the popular band, Green Day. This song might’ve been used as a pleasing ballad but it was written about heartbreak. This song details the melancholic emotions of Billie Joe Armstrong about the end of their relationship with his lover.

60. Ben

Released in the 1970s, Ben is a popular song sung by Michael Jackson that comes from the album of the same name as the song. What makes us cry?, the sadistic feeling isn’t it? So yeah, this young singer of this song demonstrated and made us believe the friendship between him and his pet rat. These songs detailed the theme of a movie where killer rats victimize a small town.

61. Candle in the Wind

Sung by Sir Elton John, Candle in the Wind was released in 1973 and came from the album named Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. No wonder why he is one of the most appreciated singers, either you enjoy the princess Diana song or the version about the death of Marilyn, Elton wrote an amusing classic. The intensity of this song compels you to grab the tissue paper while listening to it.

62.  Brick

Belonging to the album Whatever and Ever Amen, Brick is a song released in 1997 sung by the rock trio, Ben Folds Five. This trio has a gentle touch if the sentimental sweetness of a song is overflooded. This song encapsulates the story of abortion and the feelings of uselessness after the process came to an end.

63. Skinny Love

Skinny love is one of the underrated songs of 2011 that came from the album of the same name as the song. This song was by an exceptional artist, Bon Iver. The feeling of Skinny Love flows through the fine vocal of the singer and traps all of us in its fiendish vibe. This song has been appreciated by many artists but the version of Bon Iver is the best among the best.

64. Samson

Sung by a very talented artist Regina Spektor, Samson is a beautiful yet sadistic song that comes from the album named songs which were originally released in 2002. The writer details their feeling of hopelessness of Samson after he got into his love life with Delilah. This song is melancholic and you might get imbraced into the depths of sadness.

64. Green Grass of Home

Green Grass of home is an epic song, coming from the album by Tom Jones that as released early in 1967. Jones successfully became a satire for the mesmerizing ballads of the death in the 60s. His way of creating a classical ballad about the losses with his astonishing skill of soft speech and powerful singing voice is just amusing.

65. Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

Bob Dylan is one of the renowned and exceptional singers who sang Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door with his band members. This song was released in 1991 and comes from the album named Use your Illusion II. This song details the story of a lieutenant who’s about to face his grave from a gunshot wound. In the 21st century, this song became renowned as the anthem of sadness. No one can escape from the intensity of the sadness of this song. Here, Dylan sketches a picture with his words detailing the deputy calling his mother to be with him in the last few minutes of his life.

66. Black

Sung by Pearl James, Black is a song that belongs to the album named Ten which was released in 1991. Black has managed to maintain its reputation despite its 90s grime aesthetic. This song, Black details the emotions and feelings of a betrayed man for his lost partner.

What songs to listen to when you are depressed?

Generally, slow-tempo songs, downbeat melodies with a lower overall pitch, and soft and lower sound levels are soulful to listen to and bring warmth and comfort to yourself. It can help people to heal from the pain and give them a perfect feeling when they are feeling low.

Well, the songs can be beneficial for people who are fighting depression on a daily basis on their life.

What is the saddest song on Spotify?

  • How Do I Say, Goodbye by Dean Lewis
  • All For You by Cian Ducrot
  • Birthday Cake by Dylan Conrique
  • In The Stars by Benson Boone
  • go by Cat Burns
  • Another Love by Tom Odell
  • that way by Tate McRae

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