19 Best Love Songs For Her (Show Your Emotion Through Music)

Love songs for her? The internet took you over here while you were trying to search for something interesting for your love life. We have listed some of the best love songs for her. 

1. Until I found You

You need to move forward step by step to make your love life exciting and lively with amusing things. And the best you both can do is the vibe in a love song together.

Based on a true story, Until I Found is a remarkable song that’ll surely fascinate your lover. The way Sanchez has written this song gives the finest vibe.

In the song, Sanchez has implied the importance of her and how much he wants to treasure her.

Well, it becomes more meaningful and special for her if she will listen to this song by heart. The feeling expressed by the writer in this song is just perfect.

Nothing other than this song will calm and complete her in an instant. This song shows the love and passion of a boy toward his lover. Just listen to this song with her and make her feel special already.

2. What makes you beautiful

A masterpiece song with delicate lyrics, What makes you beautiful is truly an amazing song that will make her smile without a single doubt.

What makes you beautiful lets out the purest feelings of five boys who are in love. This song will surely make her obsessed with it.

This song was off the charts as soon as it was released and it is popular till now among many youngsters who are in love.

This song is perfect to make her realize how pretty she actually is. This song might be actually addicting for your lover as it is an underrated love song.

What makes you beautiful is probably best to keep your beloved her wrapped up in happiness and joy forever.

Just let your lover know adorable she actually is and how happy she makes you with the help of this song.

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3. You are the reason

You are the reason written by Calum Scott, is one of the finest songs that will connect the soul of your lover with you. Words don’t even come close to describing the beauty of this song.

The way Calum explains how much she’s needed and how much he far he can go to be only with her. The writer of this song explains how much he misses her and stays awake all night recalling the memories.

Just to be with her, he is ready to climb every mountain, swim every sea, and fix everything. All of these directly exhibit how much he has fallen for her.

The song implies that he can’t help falling in love with her. She is everything that he has and will ever have. The beautiful lyrics with the sweet melody just make this song a gem.

Don’t ever doubt in this song She will be impressed with this song.

4. Thinking Out Loud

Thinking Out Loud sung by Ed Sheeran is remarkably best. It’ll drive you crazy for real. This love song is passionately made and it makes us wonder about our lover as soon as we hear this song.

The lyrics of this song show his devotion and care for her. The writer tries to say that he’s willing to hold hands and look after her till both of them turn 70.

This song holds deep meaning as it explains the desire of the writer to fall in love with her every single day. He just wants to get engulfed in her arms and kiss her beneath the shiny light of millions of stars.

Thinking Out Loud includes the thoughts where a boy wants to spend time with someone with whom he has fallen in love. Make her special by confessing your feeling through this song.

She’ll be truly grateful to listen to this song.

5. All Of Me

Beautifully written and composed, All of me by John Legend is way too awesome. The song is way too wonderful as it is very calm and soothing.

Although several years have already passed since its release, this song is still popular and best for millions of people.

This song states that the writer loves all her perfect imperfections. She is the beginning and end of him and he wants to give all of him to her.

John Legend wrote this song very beautifully to show his love for his then-fiance Chrissy Teigen. In fact, all of me was inspired by her.

The sweet melody and meaningful lyrics are all that have led this song to be a masterpiece for many years.

This song is a must, to listen to by all lovers as it carries very pure feelings of a man to his lover. Don’t miss the opportunity to show your love and affection toward her listen to this beautiful love song and enjoy your peaceful love life with her.

6. Girls like you

While recommending the best love song, especially for her, I wouldn’t miss this song. If you are trying to make her happy.

This song describes a girl who makes her lover happy with anything she does. In the song, the memories of lovers are recalled when they used to spend the late at night and make things right between them.

The melody and vibe that this song gives are totally amusing. This song will cheer her and make her mood good in a flash of time.

Girls like you are one of the best love songs till now since it came out.

This song is definitely something that your girl can listen to on repeat. It will make her feel very special and lucky to have you as the song only describes a vibing partner who could be more like your partner.

Don’t be impatient, there are a lot of love songs that she will love for sure down below.

7. Perfect

Perfect by Ed Sheeran is the greatest hit love song. This song is worldwide popular for its unique melody and unparalleled lyrics.

Perfect is the best song for most girls without a doubt. The key impression of this song is its simplicity. The lyrics of this song will make any girl smile undeniably. In the song, Sheeran implies a girl with whom a boy falls in love since they were kids.

The boy describes how lucky he is to have her as his partner and wishes to dance with her by holding his lover in his arms. He wishes to listen to their favorite song and says that she always looks perfect. The song says that the boy found a girl with whom he could carry all of his secrets, love, and children of their own.

The song Perfect is perfect on its own and it could be the best song to listen to together as lovers while slowly dancing in the dark. This song is the best thing that can cheer her up in my opinion. Make a move!!

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8. A Thousand Years

Being the greatest hit song, A Thousand Years has earned millions of audiences. Christina Perri demonstrates how much she is into her lover in this song. The lyrics will just melt her heart if you decide to listen to this song with her.

The beautiful mellow, soothing voice and meaningful words are the elements that have made this song truly appreciative. This song motivates one to never give up and love someone for thousands of years i.e. forever.

Believe me, this song is so marvelous that she will fall in love with this song immediately after she listens to it. A Thousand Years lets all the pure feelings and emotions from a person to his/her lover. It’ll show how passionate is someone to be together with others.

Step by step the song is trying to get loved so much as each line of the lyrics is fascinating. A Thousand Years is a love song that explains thousands of feelings and emotions of a lover within a few words. Dedicate this song to her and show how much you are into her.

9. Just the way you are

Sung by Bruno Mars, Just the way you are is a song that is full of compliments for a girl.

Here in this song, the writer explains his lover’s beauty. The song is fascinating and anyone would love it. Bruno talks about a girl and states that her eyes are so glossy that she makes stars look like they’re not even shining.

The passion to love her and her alluring beauty are demonstrated by the writer through the song. It shows how hard a boy has fallen in love with her and wants to be with her.

He compliments everything about her beauty and feels lucky to have her. This masterpiece written by Bruno Mars is just something else.

The vibe is totally different than any other song. He wants to say that she is perfect and when he sees her face, he wouldn’t change a thing because she’s adorable just the way she is.

This song full of compliments will make her happy in an instant and there’s no questioning to it.

10. My heart will go on

This is one kind of song that one can never forget after listening. Not gonna lie, you will feel goosebumps all over your body.

This song is so marvelous that millions of people still love to listen to this song although many years have already passed since its release.

The singer of this song misses someone she loves and sees him every night in the dream. This song tries to show us how much one should love his partner and protect her in his heart.

The words used by Celine Dion in this song are enough to express her loyalty and care of yours to her. As the song title is “My heart will go on”, the heart of both of the lovers gets connected and will keep beating on the melody of love.

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11. Baby Love

While thinking about love songs for your lover, Baby Love came to my mind at that precise moment.

Sung by the Supremes, a Baby love song is a really fascinating song. This song tries to explain how much the singer has fallen in love with that one person and will never give up.

The sweet melody along with gratifying lyrics will melt everyone’s heart like butter.

vocals on this song are very amusing that have succeeded to catch the attention of millions of audiences. This song is a timeless treasure as it brings a smile to its listener in an instant.

In this song, a lover tries to demonstrate how much a lover needs her partner and show her real affection and emotions of her.

This song is dedicated by a lover to her partner. Likewise, you must also dedicate this song to her. I’m sure she’ll love this song so give it a try already.

12. Stuck on You

With the original version of this track, written and sung by Lionel Richie, Stuck on you is an impressive song that has drawn many people to its sweet vibe and calming melody.

As the name of the song states the word”stuck”, thing song will be stuck into your mind from the moment you listen to it. This song is accompanied by sweet lyrics which makes it more fascinating.

This song shows the sheer affection of a lover who is stuck on her. He can’t help but fall in depth of love with her.

Stuck on You implies a girl whom the singer is grateful for being with him and he is glad to have her and wishes to live together till the end.

If you’re going through a bittersweet nightshade situation in your love life, this song will be a great help for you as it will grant understanding and solace for both of you lovers. This will remarkably calm her mind and it is probably one of the best songs for her.

13. At Last

Several decades have already passed since the release of this masterpiece, but his song is still appreciated and loved many many peoples all over the world.

Etta James is the writer of this song who sang it beautifully with her mellow voice. Each and every word in this song gives an ethereal vibe that will resonate with your soul, long after the song ends.

Most love songs are mushy and slow and it is the reason that makes love songs surprisingly captivating, Same goes with this song.

This song is a lovely combination of a catchy beat and lyrics filled with sweetness. This song signifies your endless and enormous love for her and it will certainly make her feel special.

The tidal waves of this melodious song are enough to make her smile in an instant. If your woman makes you feel like a natural, obsessed-natured woman, I’m being honest this song is perfect for her.

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14. Your Man

Your Man, written and sung by Josh Turner is an overrated song that will please your ears and heart surely. When it comes to love songs, this song is definitely one of the best. Josh has used slow tracks and beautiful mellow in addition to mesmerizing lyrics.

This is why this song is so adorable. In this song, both lovers get together, cherish, visualize the simple things, and love each and every moment joyfully.

The magic of this song can help you foster your relationship into the vast depths of love. This is an iconic song that has been appreciated by tons of people as it is so marvelous that one can listen to it on loops for hours.

This song is the finest to dedicate to her because the song only talks about both lovers who are eager to grasp infinite love.

15. Better Together

For me, Better Together is one of the most enjoyable and mesmerizing songs ever, especially for lovers.

The soft and slow is what has made this song so great. Jack Johnson writes this song with a female in his mind who he admires a lot.

The arrangement of this song is very addictive. Here, the singer explains about lovers who are eager to get tied to each other and fulfill the dreams that they have long wished for.

This song has beautifully indicated the passion and pure feelings of a man for a woman. He states that he can’t sing but he’ll try to sing for her heart, wants to be under her impression, and feel the most comfortable when he’s around her.

16. One Call Away

Sung by the popular singer Charlie Puth, One Call Away will fascinate you with everything it has in a certain time duration of this song.

No one is born perfect in the world but when we start dating and develop feelings for someone we’ll put our best to keep up with the relationship somehow.

But the major problem that hinders everyone’s relationship is distance. It is very hard for one to feel distant from his partner. So, this song is perfectly written by Charlie recalling a  girl whom he misses every single time.

This song shows that a boy is madly fallen in love with a girl and wants to give all the love he has. He wishes to be there every single time she misses him and he just wants to set her free and the life to the fullest along with him.

He feels so special having her that he can come and save her day with just one call from her. Dedicate this song to her and see the brightest smile of your partner.

17. Stay with me

When someone is fallen in love, that person wants to spend every single moment with their partner because being with your loved ones feels safe the most.

We put our best selves but the main point for letting someone live as your partner consists of many up and downs, sharing of problems, letting go, showing your good and bad side, opening up, and many others.

However, it’s up to your partner if he/she ignores and corrects all the bad sides of your lover and never lets go although the situation becomes very harsh.

So, through this song, Sam has explained how much life gets hard without having someone he truly loves. This song conveys the feeling of a boy who needs her to stay with him and hold his hands forever.

It signifies how much a boy wants to treasure her, overcome all the tough situations with her, and desire her to be with him till the end.

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18. You’re beautiful

The most loved song of popular singing artist James Blunt, You’re Beautiful is so loved that hundreds of millions of people have listened to this song.

I’ll guarantee that this love song will 100% make a girl smile who loves you. You just need to struggle of dedicating this song to her.

Each and every sentence in this song carries a valuable meaning that is opened up by the singer to his audience. The title of the song is enough to make her smile. What expectations do you have from the song?

It will surpass your expectation with its beauty. Every single line of this song explains her beauty of her and how grateful he is to have her in his life.

He sees the image of a heavenly-sent angel in her who caught his eye. This song demonstrates the fondness of a boy towards her. This song is truly remarkable and appreciated by most of the fans.

19. Marry Me

Why do you think someone loves a person? It is because they want to share different good and bad experiences, help, care, love, and in the end, marry each other.

Marrying is the start and the end of different chapters for both of the lovers. that causes a young boy and girl to turn into a fine man and woman.

So yeah, this is a song where a boy confesses a feeling to his lover and repeatedly asks his partner to marry her.

A strong and sweet song that grants an ethereal vibe to anyone who listens to it. This song is so soothing that it calms everyone’s soul. This song harbors the devotion and adoration of a boy toward his lover with whom he wants to share everything he has and wants to marry her.

Millions of feelings and affection of a boy are compressed inside every nook and corner of this song for his lover.

What love song can I dedicate to my girlfriend?

Here are some beautiful love songs you can dedicate to your girlfriend:

“Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran

“Perfect” by Ed Sheeran

“All of Me” by John Legend

“Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley

“Your Song” by Elton John

“Amazed” by Lonestar

“I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston (originally by Dolly Parton)

“Make You Feel My Love” by Adele (originally by Bob Dylan)

“Marry Me” by Train

“Unchained Melody” by The Righteous Brothers

“How Deep Is Your Love” by Bee Gees

“I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith

How can I impress a girl with a song?

Impressing a girl with a song can be a thoughtful and romantic gesture. Here are some steps to help you do it effectively:

  1. Choose the Right Song
  2. Practice and Perfect
  3. Personalize the Performance
  4. Pick the Right Moment
  5. Be Sincere and Confident
  6. Respect Her Response
  7. Follow Up

Remember, the key to impressing a girl with a song is to be genuine, thoughtful, and considerate of her feelings. Your heartfelt effort will surely make a lasting impression on her.

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