Sean Ono Lennon Criticizes The Society’s Obsession With Female Nudity

Recently, Sean Ono Lennon used X to criticize society’s infatuation with female nudity.

The singer wrote, highlighting the disparities in the perceptions of violence and female nudity:

“It’s weird how hung up society still is about sex. I know it’s been said, but the fact that female nipples are deemed more offensive than dead bodies says something about our moral compass.”

Clarifying Not Calling Society Prudish

Sean explained that he never said anything like that in response to the other user’s assertion that he’s labeling society prudish. Next, in jest, another statement was made about the charge:

“I’m the queen of fairness, and I can see why John thought that’s what you meant.”

In response, Lennon expanded on his original tweet:

“Hello, your majesty. I think society is hung up in many ways. The hang-ups express themselves in being afraid of nipples and also being obsessed with them. I think both expressions are arguably a pathology.”

Sean’s Skepticism On Astrology

The musician speaks out about a variety of topics using this platform. A few weeks prior, Sean wrote to show his cynicism regarding astrological beliefs:

“Worrying about Mercury being in retrograde is like worrying that someone is shrinking because they’re walking away from you.”

Following that, a user mentioned a rumor regarding Sean’s father, John Lennon:

“I’ve always wondered if it’s true that your dad had a period where he wouldn’t leave the house if Mercury was in retrograde.”

The musician verified this by revealing:

“My parents were obsessed with astrology, which has a lot to do with my feelings on it. Some went to catholic school. I was trained in hippie nonsense.”

Regarding his latest endeavors, Julian Lennon revealed in a September interview that he and his brother Sean intend to collaborate on music. After talking about it, they have an idea they’d want to investigate together when they have more time. Though he withholds specifics, Julian thinks it’s a wonderful concept and suggests that it will happen someday.

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